On Friday, the 26-year-old singer and actress shared to Instagram Stories and Twitter a revealing photo snapped as she sat topless on a hotel room bed
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Has anyone seen Miley Cyrus‘ shirt?

On Friday, the 26-year-old singer and actress shared to Instagram Stories and Twitter a revealing photo snapped as she sat topless on a hotel room bed.

Her chest was covered by her hands in the shot, which came with the caption “Nothing breaks like a heart” — the title of her new single with Mark Ronson.

Credit: Miley Cyrus/Twitter

The futuristic country-tinged tune dropped in late November as the lead single of Ronson’s first solo album in four years, Late Night Feelings, out in March. Before the song’s debut, Cyrus had wiped her Instagram account clean and posted snippets from the visual accompaniment in a series of back-to-back teasers.

Cyrus and Ronson, 43, have been in London to promote “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart.” On Thursday, she shared a series of videos of herself greeting fans outside of her hotel. Cyrus wore head-to-toe black in the clips, with a statement Gucci belt.

Then on Friday, Cyrus and Ronson appeared together on The Graham Norton Show to chat about their collaboration and give their first live performance of the song together. Before taking the stage, the two musicians discussed the genesis of “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart.”

The way Ronson tells it, he had long been pursuing a collaboration with Cyrus, though his efforts were thwarted.

“This is Mark Ronson stalking Miley Cyrus for four years,” he joked, explaining, “I saw Miley on the television singing on the Saturday Night Live‘s 40th anniversary — and I knew she could sing and everything — but I saw her sing Paul Simon’s ’50 Ways to Leave Your Lover’ in a way where I was just transfixed. So I got her number, and I started texting her and was like, ‘Hey, if you ever want to make some music.’ And then four days went by, with nothing.”

Cyrus had a different account. “This is the part I don’t remember,” she said. “I feel like I must have sent an emoji at least. The broken heart emoji is great because when people say they love the song, you just put the broken heart emoji.”

“I think you would text me back after a few weeks and just write, ‘What’s up?’ ” Ronson remembered. Cyrus agreed, saying, “Probably late at like, 4 in the morning.”


Though the idea of working together took years to finally turn into a reality, Cyrus said she thinks it happened for a reason.

“I believe… in my family we’ve always talked about timing and trusting the universe and always trusting timing — that everything always works out when it should. And we’ve said it multiple times in the studio that any time before this would have not been right and any time after this would have been too far away,” she revealed. “I think it’s perfect timing with this song, at the time it’s out in the world.”

“It’s just such a timely song for me and my personal life and what’s going on in the world,” Cyrus added, turning to Ronson. “I wouldn’t have it any other way than sitting with you right now, right here.”

Ronson agreed. “This song only became [because of] where we were and how we met,” he said.

“Cosmic,” Cyrus continued.

The official video for the song dropped last month as well. The clip is packed with political statements about gun control, violence and the impact they have on children — all made as Cyrus drives a car while being chased by police.

The idea for the visual was from Cyrus. “He was very trusting,” she said of Ronson. “I had this idea originally. We worked with each other for multiple songs on my next record and a song on Mark’s new album, but we didn’t know what was going to come first. I had this idea, from the music that we were working on, of putting a car in places that it shouldn’t be and putting it inside a living room, inside a club. And then when me and Mark decided this was the song I was going to use to come out of my blackout and for his new record, his first single, we thought, ‘What exactly is heartbreaking to us in society? Every single day I think it’s waking up to new devastating news of violence, judgment and hypocrisy… It’s very timely.”

“It’s a deeper heartbreaking than just losing love or a romance or a relationship,” Cyrus said. “What breaks us apart every single day?