Miley Cyrus Performs Anti-Trump Song 'Golden G String' During NPR's 'Tiny Desk Concert' 

Miley Cyrus has been vocal about her disapproval of the 45th President of the United States

miley Cyrus tiny desk
Photo: npr/ youtube

Miley Cyrus gave a robust performance on NPR's Tiny Desk Concert Thursday.

The singer, 28, performed a wide variety of songs including a passionate rendition of her Donald Trump diss track "Golden G String."

Cyrus wore a cow print vest, leopard print wide-leg pants and an assortment of jewelry as she performed in a nostalgic teenage bedroom.

The Tennessee native got down on the floor as she delivered the ballad aimed at Trump, 74.

"So the mad man's in the big chair / And his heart's an iron vault / He says 'If you can't make ends meet, honey, it must be your fault,' " she sang.

Cyrus opened up about the meaning of "Golden G String" on the Nov. 23, 2020 episode of The Zane Lowe Show on Apple Music.

She revealed she wrote the anthem in 2017 or 2018 and that it "is reflective of Donald Trump as president and the men [who] hold all the cards — and they ain't playing gin, and they determine your fate."

"This song, which is also about kind of the cross I've had to bear, in a way, of saying, 'I feel like everything that I've done has just been up for all the opinions and I guess people being offended and all this s—,'" the singer shared of her own controversy.

miley cyrus and trump
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She continued, "But it's like our president grabs women by the .... and you're mad at me. I'm a pop star. I'm supposed to do these things. I'm supposed to do things that sometimes make you uncomfortable or you take offense. That's kind of my job, that's entertainment."

"I don't want that in a leader," Cyrus said. "You don't want an entertainer."

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