The singer updated the lyrics to the 1953 song with her own spin while on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Miley Cyrus is known for “doin’ her thang,” so it’s no surprise that it includes Christmas music!

During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday, Cyrus took the stage with Fallon and Mark Ronson to perform her own rendition of the 1953 Christmas hit “Santa Baby.”

But right before she and Fallon went on, Cyrus made it clear to the host that she does not intend on performing the traditional version, in which the singer asks Santa for a convertible, yacht, and fur coat.

“I think I might need to change a few of these lyrics,” the 26-year-old singer, who is also a proud vegan, told Fallon. “Am I saying I’m gonna hook up with Santa if he buys me all this stuff?”

The host agreed to give Cyrus the creative freedom, and the two took the stage — but even Fallon was caught off guard when she started singing out, “Santa, baby/ I don’t need any fancy jewelry, not me/I’ve got something else in mind Santa baby,/And I don’t need your presents tonight.”

The pop star went on to affirm that she “can buy my own damn stuff,” and has a “baller car of my own” that she bought on her own. (No Elf on the Shelf — or men — needed!)

But Cyrus didn’t stop there — she then veered into gender equality territory and sexual harassment in the workplace.

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“Santa baby, I’d love to know my ass won’t get grabbed/At work/By some ignorant jerk/Tell the dirtbags, to put away their chimneys tonight,” she sang.

At one point, Cyrus demanded, “Stop interrupting me when I talk/And don’t text me pictures of your…” but was interrupted by Ronson’s cell phone ringing.

During her performance, Fallon, 44, and Ronson, 43, reappeared on stage with fancy jewelry and a set of designer car keys in hand — all of which were rejected by the pop star. Finally, as Cyrus finished her song, the trio reunited on stage and shared some eggnog together.

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Cyrus’ reimagining of “Santa Baby” follows the controversy surrounding another Christmas classic, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”.

This year many radio stations have decided to stop playing the song as some have criticized its lyrics, suggesting they promote rape culture.

The song, first penned by Frank Loesser (Guys and Dolls) in 1944 as a duet for him to sing with his wife at parties. Loesser later sold the song to MGM for use in 1949’s Neptune’s Daughter.

In the years since, the duet has become an enduring holiday classic, sung by everyone from Dolly Parton and Rod Stewart to Michael Bublé and Idina Menzel to Chris Colfer and Darren Criss on an episode of Glee.