Miley Cyrus Releases Her 'Black Mirror' Character Ashley O's Music Video for 'On a Roll'

Miley Cyrus plays a pop star, whose seemingly charmed existence isn't as rosy as it appears, in the episode titled "Rachel, Jack and Ashley, Too"

Miley Cyrus has a new music video out — but it’s not exactly the Miley her fans have come to know.

On Thursday, Netflix released the star’s Black Mirror alter ego Ashley O’s music video for her single “On a Roll,” complete with signature purple wig and cut-out white dress.

Cyrus, 26, stars in the episode titled “Rachel, Jack and Ashley, Too,” about a lonely teenager yearning to connect with her favorite pop star, whose seemingly charmed existence isn’t as rosy as it appears.


And in the “On the Roll” music video, fans will recognize Ashley O’s aunt and manager Catherine Ortiz (Susan Pourfar), who overdosed her niece into a coma and launched a hologram version to control her pop career, though Ashley wants to pursue punk projects that have meaning.

(Fun fact: “On a Roll” is a reworking of the 1989 Nine Inch Nails hit “Head Like a Hole.”)

“It’s really important for people to feel like they’re in control of their own destiny, and that means having the confidence to be who you want to be,” Ashley O “said” in a statement released by Netflix about the video.

Season 5 of Black Mirror, also starring Anthony Mackie and Topher Grace, is available on Netflix.

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