Rolling Stones Tour Manager Mick Brigden Died 'Immediately' in 'Freak' Digging Accident, Says Wife

Brigden was digging a grave for the couple's 14-year-old Australian Shepherd Travis, who was put down two days after the former tour manager's death

mick brigden
Mick Brigden. Photo: MJJ Management

Mick Brigden's wife Julia Dreyer Brigden is sharing more information on the death of her husband.

Speaking to TMZ, the widow of the former Rolling Stones tour manager revealed more details of the accident that led to Brigden's untimely death while digging a grave for the couple's Australian Shepherd.

Julia explained that on Sept. 7, Brigden was digging a grave for their 14-year-old dog Travis, who was in poor health and not eating. (He was put down two days after Brigden's death.) While digging, the hole collapsed in on Brigden in what she described to TMZ as a "freak accident" that led him to die "immediately."

A neighbor attempted to call 911 but when first-responders arrived, Brigden was already dead.

mick brigden
Mick Brigden. MJJ Management

Brigden — who started his career as a graphic artist in Canada — worked as the tour manager for stars such as Van Morrison, Humble Pie, Peter Frampton and Carlos Santana. He was a protégé of Bill Graham.

Brigden spent seven years working under Graham before taking over the management division of the promoter's Bill Graham Presents organization. From there, he helped launch Wolfgang Records, which distributed six of Eddie Money's studio albums — including his 1977 self-titled debut.

Following Graham's death in 1991, Brigden and his management partner, Arnold "Arnie" Pustilnik, joined 13 other BGP employees in purchasing 90 percent of the company. He and Pustilnik sold the business in the early 2000s, when Brigden opened MJJ Management with guitarist Joe Satriani as his sole client.

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"It's been a crazy and wonderful 33 years of rock 'n' roll," Satriani said in a statement following Brigden's death. "I've never worked so hard, played so hard, laughed and cried so hard, made so much music and had so many worldwide adventures, and all with Mick by my side."

"He was the ultimate music business mentor. Honest, tough, nurturing, hardworking, respectful, tenacious, insightful, he was all of things and more. I learned so much about how to be a good person from Mick," he added. "Throughout his illustrious career he worked the biggest and the best, but always knew it was important to be kind, be respectful, be cool and do things the right way."

Brigden is survived by his wife Julia, son Jack, stepdaughter Jessica and grandson David Merz.

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