Michelle Williams was taken by surprise when her fiancé Chad Johnson popped the question last month

Michelle Williams was taken by surprise when her fiancé Chad Johnson popped the question last month.

“I was so shocked! I was weeping and wailing,” Williams, 37, said during an interview with Good Morning America on Monday (She broke the happy news exclusively with PEOPLE last week.)

“He proposed to me in Pebble Beach at this beautiful resort and I was crying so loud that people were turning around, going back to their rooms and stuff, they weren’t coming to the restaurant because they were like, ‘Did she just find out something he did bad? What happened?'” she added.

Michelle Williams and Chad Johnson
| Credit: Michelle Williams/Instagram

The Destiny’s Child singer and Johnson, a pastor and life coach, previously opened up to PEOPLE about how before he got down on one knee, Johnson planned a special trip to her hometown of Rockford, Illinois, in order to ask for her entire family’s blessing — and he videotaped the entire trip!

After the pair recounted the beginning of their courtship, Johnson “signaled over to the waiter, and she brought out the iPad and played the video of me being on the proposal tour.”

“I started weeping and wailing when I see all these special people,” Williams told PEOPLE of Johnson’s video with her family. “Towards the end of the video, something in my head said, ‘Pull yourself together! He’s about to propose! Stop all this crying!’ ”

While Williams is still figuring out all the details of her wedding, she says that both Kelly Rowland and Beyoncé, whom she recently performed with at Coachella, will be there.

“My ladies, they will be there,” she added on GMA, adding that Rowland “wants to throw my bachelorette party, so God knows what’s gonna go down there.”

But there’s one part of the pre-wedding festivities that she’s not super excited about right now.

“My mom wants to throw my bridal shower,” she continued. “She sent me a text saying, ‘I just wanna give you a lot of lingerie.’ And I was like, ‘Ooooh, ‘cus that means you’ll know what I’m doing with that lingerie. Gross.’ ”