Grammy-winning singer Michael W. Smith shared an exclusive video of his version of "Silent Night" with PEOPLE readers, just in time for Christmas

By Maria Mercedes Lara
December 08, 2020 11:15 AM

Christmas is different this year for everyone around the world, but Michael W. Smith is doing his best to spread some holiday cheer — from a safe distance.

The Grammy-winning singer has shared an exclusive video of his version of "Silent Night" for PEOPLE readers. Smith recorded the holiday classic at his studio in Franklin, Tennessee. Watch the full video of the song above.

The Christian singer, who normally performs many shows during the holiday season, admitted that this year's holiday season is very different for his family.

"I am very grateful for this time of the year, of course things are a little different this year; it is a bit odd that I am around this much," he tells PEOPLE. "I usually am out on the road with Amy Grant doing Christmas shows all around the country. But thankfully, I have been very creative in the studio."

This year, Smith will be performing a select number of socially distant shows in Tennessee and Florida for the holiday season. Fans across the country will also get a chance to see him perform in his new special, Christmas with Michael W. Smith and Friends, airing on the Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN) on Friday, Dec. 11 at 8, 9, 10 and 11 p.m. ET. Guest performers include the Katinas, Point of Grace, Marc Martel and Jordin Smith — all acts he's brought on stage over the years during his in-person Christmas shows. The program will also re-air on Christmas Day.

In addition to his dramatically different work schedule in the time of coronavirus, Smith also opened up about how he plans to safely hold on to Christmas traditons this year with his family.

"Christmas time is absolutely my favorite and I love celebrating with my family, of course this year very cautiously," says Smith. "We have so many traditions that we hold onto and have done for years. One is opening up a Christmas present on Christmas Eve … only one … that's especially for the grandkids.

"Another one I love is acting out the Christmas Story on Christmas morning in our den before we head to the great room," he continues. "Those things never change and I hope they never will. My family is pretty much set on holding on to traditions … especially at Christmas time."

For more information on Smith's mini Christmas tour (and other dates in 2021) visit his website.