Michael Bublé Says His New Music Video Starring Wife Luisana Lopilato Was a 'Really Cool Family Affair'

The singer opens up to PEOPLE about his new "I'll Never Not Love You" music video, his upcoming album Higher and his life with wife Luisana Lopilato and their three kids

Get out the popcorn — Michael Bublé is taking us to the movies.

In the new music video for his single "I'll Never Not Love You," the singer, 46, recreates some of the most romantic scenes in cinematic history with his real-life muse, his wife, Luisana Lopilato.

"I think a lot of people probably don't know that when I write music and you hear those great big arrangements — like on, say, 'Cry Me a River' or 'Feeling Good' — I'm inspired by film and the ability for us as human beings to suspend our disbelief," Bublé tells PEOPLE. "This was one of the greatest songs I'd ever been part of writing, and it deserved this really ambitious, beautiful video concept."

"I thought it would be really cool to be able to travel through those scenes with the love of my real life, my wife, who just happens to be a great actress and happens to be really beautiful and wonderful," he adds. "So, for me, it was this very cool family affair."

Through three days of "intense" filming on 11 different set builds, Bublé says he had "the most fun I've ever had on a video."

"I think the longest I had ever taken to film a music video before this was 16 hours," he says. "People probably thought I was a bit crazy when I came to them with this idea, but as they started to see the footage, I think they realized how great it was. For the first time in my life, on the last day of a video shoot, I wished it didn't have to end. We had way too much fun."

Michael Buble
Michael Bublé. Norman Jean Roy

Despite how much fun they had, Bublé says Lopilato, 34, always kept it "professional" on set.

"I'm the idiot," he admits with a laugh. "So she said to me on the set many times, 'Mike, be professional! Focus!' Listen, I love making music, and that is my home, and that's where I'm comfortable. This is her place. So the truth is I looked to her quite a bit to help me hone in on the performance and to make sure I wasn't over-acting. She kept saying that less is more, and I think she's right."

"I'll Never Not Love You" is meant to serve as the follow-up to Bublé's music video for his 2009 hit "Haven't Met You Yet," which his wife also starred in.

"15 years ago I wrote a song called 'Haven't Met You Yet' while my wife and I were dating," says Bublé, who married Lopilato in 2011. "I never believed that 15 years later, we'd have gone through all the things we've gone through and that we'd have three beautiful kids."

michael buble, Luisana Lopilato
Michael Bublé and Luisana Lopilato. GP Images/WireImage

Like with the music video for "I'll Never Not Love You," Bublé also drew inspiration from cinema — specifically Ferris Bueller's Day Off — for the "Haven't Met You Yet" music video.

"In the video, I see Luisana in a grocery store, and the lights start to flicker, and then people in the store start dancing, and it becomes this sort of fantasy world," he says. "I loved this whole concept so much that I actually had the person who had choreographed the float scene in Ferris Bueller's Day Off come and choreograph the scene that you see at the end of the video, where we step outside the grocery store, and everybody's dancing and moving. There's even a point where you see someone in the background do a flip, just like they did in the film."

Since its release, the "Haven't Met You Yet" music video has garnered an impressive 152 million views on YouTube, but the biggest fans of it will always be Bublé and Lopilato's kids Noah, 8, Elias, 6, and Vida, 3.

"They ask for it all the time," Bublé says. "Actually, it's funny, I have a song on this record that they love, and my 3-year-old keeps asking our [Amazon] Alexa to play it. She's so pissed off that Alexa won't play it, and I keep trying to explain it to her, like, 'It's not out yet, babe. It doesn't exist.' But she just keeps screaming, 'Alexa!' She even tells me she would like to throw Alexa in the 'chokey' [from Matilda] because she's not playing the song."

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As both a dad and full-time artist, Bublé says he's found the notion of balance to be non-existent.

"You know that one will always be hurt by the other," he says. "In my case, I will never allow my job to interfere with being a father and a husband — that's gotta be first, and everything else is a bonus. I think I have a lot of integrity in whatever I do work-wise, but that integrity is there because my family keeps me grounded."

"It's scary, you know, the fame and fortune that comes with this," he adds. "There's not a ton of redeeming things about being in the business besides doing the work that you love. Once in a while I get into cool restaurants, that's true, and I'm not complaining, but I definitely think I've always tried to make sure to put family first and let everything else fall into place."

Bublé says it's a major departure from his mindset when he first started his career in the early 2000s, which was all "ego-driven narcissism."

"Like anyone who wants to make it in this business, you have to prove yourself and fight for every single inch," he says. "I often talk about it like I was a horse with blinders on. That's all I thought about. That's all I saw and, thank God, because it's the reason that I am where I am today, but now I always make sure that my priority is being with my family."

Bublé says he and Lopilato are a great team when it comes to taking some time off while the other is working.

"I've taken time off when Mommy goes and does a film, and I'll go with the kids to the set," he says. "It's a very normal thing. Then when I'm on tour, they'll come when we have a homeschool teacher. Even as I made the 'I'll Never Not Love You' music video, they were here with us."

"I'll Never Not Love You" is the first single from Bublé's upcoming album Higher, his first new record in more than three years. The album includes four new Bublé originals, as well as covers of classics like Barry White's "My First, My Last, My Everything," Frank Sinatra's "A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square" and Duke Ellington's "Don't Get Around Much Anymore."

"I'm a protector of the great American songbook, and I know that I stand on the shoulders of my heroes," Bublé says. "The great American songbook, I think, is the greatest thing that America ever gave to the arts. So the fact that I can be a small part of protecting it and keeping it alive and introducing it to a new generation of people is honestly pretty humbling to me. I will always take it seriously, and I will always do my best to make my heroes proud."

The album also includes a duet of the song "Crazy" with Willie Nelson and a song called "My Valentine" that was written and produced by Paul McCartney.

"I think that this album is an elevation," Bublé says. "I think somehow the universe conspired to bring together some of the greatest writers, musicians, arrangers and producers together. I mean, Sir Paul McCartney's producing this record. My hero Willie Nelson is on the most beautiful duet. Truthfully, I think this record will be one of the greatest moments of my life, so I'm trying to make sure that I enjoy the moment because I don't know how I'm going to one-up myself this time."

For his next project, Bublé — who will also headline a six-date limited engagement in Las Vegas in April and May — says he might just switch gears completely.

"I'd like to do a project where I'm acting," he says. "I think I'd rather be in a film. Music is awesome, but I'd love the challenge of acting, as opposed to doing more music. I think that may come next."

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