Michael Bolton Gets Real About People Using His Pictures to Catfish Others Online

"A lot of my friends have very funny stories," Michael Bolton told PEOPLE Now about using dating apps

Amid a busy music career, Michael Bolton is gearing up for the premiere of his documentary — and occasionally deals with being mistaken on dating apps.

“A lot of my friends have very funny stories,” Bolton, 65, told PEOPLE Now about using dating apps, though he admitted that he stays away from “unwise” online dating.

“There are enough people going on there saying they’re me for dates, really scary stuff,” he said about his past experiences with getting catfished. “‘We should meet up, I’ll take you to dinner,’ and then someone will say, ‘This wasn’t you was it?’ No that’s definitely not me!”

While he’s not committed to swiping right or left, Bolton is focused on the message of his upcoming documentary, Michael Bolton Presents American Dream: Detroit.


“When I was a kid growing up in Connecticut, I was hearing incredible music coming out of Detroit and the years of touring, speaking to other artists who have been through Detroit. Detroit has a special place for us, musically, having an audience there,” he said of his famous friends including Smokey Robinson and Aretha Franklin.

“But we all saw that there was no redevelopment plan that we could see taking place in Detroit for so many years. Through the years, I met a lot of people from Detroit who are artists and from there and they love the place, love the city,” Bolton explained. “We found out while filming that these people are putting a tremendous amount of resources into rebuilding Detroit and so we asked to meet them.”

Adding, “The film is not about the wealthiest, most successful people. It’s about what they decided to do and all the individual lives that we came in contact with, who are really at the heart of it the reason we want Detroit to come back.”

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Bolton previously told PEOPLE in April that the goal of his documentary is to put a much-needed spotlight on the city that continues to work to bounce back following the Great Recession, which nearly crippled the once powerful city.

“I didn’t set out to make a documentary about Detroit. I was first pulled into the city by its rich musical history and then a much deeper story started to reveal itself,” he said. I didn’t know where it was leading but I felt so personally compelled to follow.”

Michael Bolton Presents American Dream: Detroit hits movie theaters on May 15.

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