Melissa McCarthy Impersonates Billie Eilish With Hilarious Music Video Parody

The actress spoofed Eilish's Bad Guy music video while guest hosting Ellen on Thursday

Melissa McCarthy wants to hang out Billie Eilish and is ready to help the famed singer “lay down” her track.

On Thursday, McCarthy guest hosted The Ellen Show where she revealed her obsession with pop sensation, Billie Eilish.

The Ghostbusters actress admitted she has dreams of becoming best friends with the 17-year-old singer, and even said she wants to go on tour with her.

“I think every super cool 17-year-old musician needs a 48-year-old midwestern mother of two as kinda like her hype man,” the actress told the audience. “I wanted to prove that I do have what it takes to perform with her, so I put something together!”

She continued, “Ellen always has the absolute best guests on her show, and recently she had one of my absolute favorites, Billie Eilish. I love her. I’m obsessed with her. In fact, if you don’t like her, get up and get out!”

“My dream is actually to go on tour with her and maybe lay down a track… I think that’s what the kids are saying now,” McCarthy said. “I think we would make a great duo. I mean, we could tour together, I would assume we would end up being best friends. Maybe get matching tattoos, I don’t know.”

Melissa McCarthy & Billie Eilish Spoof
The Ellen Show

McCarthy then took guest hosting the famous talk show as an opportunity to prove to Eilish that she has what it takes to perform with her, putting together a hilarious music video to show off her skills.

The short clip spoofs Eilish’s Bad Guy music video where the actress imitates scenes from the video as if she is actually a part of the 17-year-old’s tune. From bloody noses to pushups, McCarthy shows her dedication by mimicking all of the singer’s actions and showing that the two are just “alike.”

Eilish is a Los Angeles-based singer who recently released her fourth single “Wish You Were Gay” from her debut album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? She is the first artist born in the 2000s to have a number one album in the United States as well as the youngest female to ever have a number one record in the United Kingdom, according to CNN.

The young star also appeared on Ellen back in April where she opened up about about the struggles of living with Tourette Syndrome and her love for Justin Bieber.

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