Melanie C Debuts New Single 'Fearless' with U.K. Rapper and 'Super Spice Girls Fan' Nadia Rose

Melanie C's new single "Fearless" is the fourth to be released from her upcoming self-titled eighth studio album

Melanie "C" Chisholm is ushering in a new era Thelma & Louise style.

In the music video for her new single "Fearless," the Spice Girls singer, 46, hits the open road with U.K. rapper Nadia Rose, who is featured on the song.

As they cruise around in the car, which is complete with Spice Girls bobbleheads on the dashboard, they sing the chorus’ empowering lyrics: "Learn to be fearless/Take a dive into the deep end/There ain't no better time than now/Ain't no better way to wear your crown."

"Meeting Nadia was kismet," Chisholm said in a statement. "I'd seen her on Kathy Burke's documentary series on women and [fell] in love with her attitude. As female artists, we have to be fearless. I love this girl."

As for Rose, she couldn't have been more excited to collaborate with Chisholm, a.k.a Sporty Spice.

"It's no secret that I'm a super Spice Girls fan so this whole experience has been very surreal," she said. "Melanie C is an incredible human being; creating with her has been nothing short of perfect. Feel-good song that makes you feel GREAT!"

Melanie C and Nadia Rose
J. Marshall.

"Fearless" is the fourth single to be released from Chisholm's upcoming self-titled eighth studio album, due out Oct. 2. It follows the release of her single "In and Out of Love."

"It's only after I've finished a record that I can step back and see what I’ve written about," Chisholm said previously. "A lot of these songs are me looking back over my life, both personal and professional. We're always so busy striving to achieve that we rarely take the time to reflect on what we’ve already done. I don't just mean celebrating the successes, but also all of the s— we've overcome."

"The whole album has a theme of self-acceptance, of saying, 'This is who I am,' take or it or leave it," she continued. "One of the great things about getting older is that you gain the courage to care less. In the past perhaps I haven't wanted to upset the apple cart. Now I'm up for kicking it over."

Melanie C, the album, will be launched by four, full-band, global live stream events titled "Colour and Light," which will see Chisholm perform her new tracks. The stream will also give fans an idea of what to expect from her 2021 U.K. and European headline tour, which kicks off April 28 in Lisbon, Portugal.

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