Meghan Trainor Felt 'Unsexy' After Welcoming Baby: 'I Have to Learn to Love' My Body Again

Pop star Meghan Trainor reveals how her relationship with her body has changed since she became a mother

Meghan Trainor is once again getting real about body image.

In this week's PEOPLE cover story, the pop star opens up about her relationship with her body since becoming a mother.

"I'm covered in scars and stretch marks in new places I didn't know stretch marks could be. There's things that aren't going to go away ever, and I have to learn to love that," says Trainor, 27.

The Grammy winner and her husband, Spy Kids actor Daryl Sabara, 29, welcomed their first child together, son Riley, in February.

"I started to feel unsexy immediately. Even with my husband, the love of my life, who worships the ground I step on, who loves my body — I was like, 'I'm not feeling it, man,'" Trainor says. "It took me a couple of weeks and therapy sessions to be like, how do I get back in the mindset of: 'My husband loves me, and I'm hot, and everything's okay?'"

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meghan trainor
Meghan Trainor. Nolwen Cifuentes

Trainor says she and Sabara are determined to keep the romance in their relationship.

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"The spark didn't leave, but the spark has struggled," she says, adding that it helped to make intimacy "a surprise — it's not scheduled — and that really brought back our spark."

The singer-songwriter has been open about struggles with body image since she released her breakthrough hit "All About That Bass" in 2014.

"It was a song for myself about my body insecurities. I was already at a tough place with my body, especially being out in front of all those people and having them judge me. A lot of people in the beginning of my career would say stuff to me in person like, 'Well, you're much skinnier than I thought you'd be,' or just weird backhanded comments," Trainor says. "So I've had a very weird relationship with my body for a lot of years, especially because I grew up chubby."

meghan trainor
Meghan Trainor. Nolwen Cifuentes

Today, Trainor is in the best place of her life and says becoming a mom has inspired her to be healthier for Riley.

"I want to run and keep up with my kid. I want to be able to put on a bathing suit and run out there and not be in my head about it. And I want to climb up a treehouse with him," she says. "I've lost all the baby weight and 10 extra lbs., so I'm just going to keep going and do this for my younger self."

Trainor is now back to work and busier than ever. She'll also release a deluxe version of her holiday album, A Very Trainor Christmas, on Oct. 29. Trainor and her brother Ryan just launched a new podcast, Workin' on It. And she's working on music — with some new inspiration.

"My lyrics have gotten better because I've gone through more things: having a baby, having a C-section, watching my body stretch and come back," she says.

top chef family style
Meghan Trainor & Marcus Samuelsson. Patrick Wymore/Peacock

Now Trainor is branching into TV, too, cohosting Top Chef Family Style (streaming on Peacock) and judging on Clash of the Cover Bands (premiering Oct. 13 on E!).

"I'm the only person in history, I believe, that has lost weight while working on Top Chef," Trainor says. "They were like, 'Usually you'll gain two sizes!'"

These days, Trainor is grateful for her flexible new work schedule amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Says the singer: "I love touring the world, but for right now, especially with everything going on, this is a dream come true."

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