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SM Entertainment

You'll want to listen to this K-Pop group "Forever."

aespa is a K-Pop girl group that is rising to the top fast. Already surpassing 100 million views on their debut video, "Black Mamba," which is the fastest debut K-Pop video in Youtube history.

The group consists of four members: Giselle, Winter, Karina and NingNing. The girls are also accompanied by their own virtual avatars which is first in the world of K-Pop.

The rising K-Pop stars graced the cover of DAZED Korea in February and also are leaving their mark on the fashion world as they are new ambassadors for Givenchy.

The group plans on releasing their debut EP sometime this summer about their quick rise to fame and how they've been staying busy.

"It's only been about three months since our debut, but we've done so much since then," Winter told DAZED. "We participated in the SMTOWN LIVE online concert, we appeared on a lot of music show stages, and we gratefully received the rookie of the year award. On top of that, we got to shoot for the cover of Dazed magazine, so it's really been a big honor for us."

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Anson Seabra

CAnson Seabra
Kelby Reck

This engineer-turned-singer is following his dreams of being a musician, and he's doing it all from his bedroom. With his 2020 album, Songs I Wrote In My Bedroom, Anson Seabra has us all in our feels.

The multi-instrumentalist knows how to bring listeners to tears with ballads like "Broken" and his hit "Walked Through Hell," which gained over 4 million views on TikTok and over 17 million streams on Spotify. The songwriter is still reeling from his recent climb in popularity in the past few years.

"It's been insane to see what has happened for me in the last year or so music-wise," Seabra tells PEOPLE. "A lot of these records I wrote and produced completely in my bedroom, and to have those songs go on to do half a billion cumulative streams in just the last year or two is shocking to say the least."

The Kansas-city based songwriter is continuing on his path of success with the release of his latest single, "It's Raining, It's Pouring," where he gives the nursery rhyme a Seabra twist and creates a somber track.

"Everybody knows the old nursery rhyme 'It's raining, it's pouring,' but for my new single I wanted to take that idea and flip it around a little," says Seabra. "So I put the rainstorm in the context of my eyes, and turned it into a bit more of a melancholy song, with some really epic sounding drums and lush, soaring melodies. I'm hoping the fans will really like it, and they can definitely expect more music soon."

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Orla Gartland

Orla Garland
Karina Barberis

This alt-pop Irish singer is unapologetically herself, even when she has to stop and ask: "Why Am I Like This."

Orla Gartland began songwriting at 14, but was not old enough at the time to perform at local pubs and bars in Ireland. The producer then went to the internet and posted videos of herself playing covers to popular songs, however, Gartland started connecting with listeners when she began posting her own original songs.

"I like to write songs about really specific feelings, ones that are hard to pinpoint," Gartland tells PEOPLE. "Of course I've written songs about breakups before but what really interests me, especially moving into this next phase of my music is trying to capture these more niche emotions and experiences."

Gartland keeps it real and vulnerable in her most recent EP Freckle Season with emotional songs like "Heavy" and "Did it to Myself." After her beginnings on YouTube, the songwriter shares that she is now preparing to release her debut album.

"Alongside finding my feet with lyrics the last few years of learning to produce has helped me get closer to finding my sound - to have an idea and be able to execute it yourself is just so satisfying. For the first time I feel ready to release a full-length record."

Checkout the video for her "freaky-friday style" song, "More Like You," where Gartland talks about wishing to be her best friend's other best friend.

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Aidan Alexander

Aidan Alexander
Raul Romo

Aidan Alexander is proving he can do it all!

The actor-singer-songwriter is making a name for himself in the entertainment industry as a multifaceted storyteller. While the Boise-native first moved to Los Angeles at 15 to star in the film Red Wing, the young star dove into his music career a few years after.

The 20-year-old released his first single, "I Don't Love You," and the songwriter continues to show off his lyricism in his recent track "The End of The World," a song inspired by the isolation of quarantine.

The performer is continuing to share music in 2021 with the release of "The Hills," which Alexander shares is about some of the things he's witnessed while living in LA.

"To me, it's highlighting this dark underside of the industry where people do corrupt things to climb the ladder," Alexander tells PEOPLE. "Growing up in LA, you see and hear a lot, so I wanted to write something dark yet still playful about those things."

Alexander plans to release more music in the coming months.

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Sinead Harnett

Sinead Harnett

This next artist could "Be The One."

Sinead Harnett, an up-and-coming R&B singer, got her start performing at talent shows and is now collaborating with top artists such as KAYTRANADA and Disclosure. The London-born, Los Angeles-based singer garnered attention with her breakout single "If You Let Me" which has over 70 million streams on Spotify.

The hit track is featured on Harnett's 2019 debut album, Lessons In Love, a collection of songs that tells the story of navigating flawed patterns in romance and "figuring out how to not repeat them."

With the anticipated release of her sophomore album, Ready Is Always Too Late, Harnett is ready to show her personal growth as the album demonstrates her newfound sense of confidence, individuality and the vulnerable journey of finding her self-worth. Her newest single, "Last Love," will be featured on her upcoming album.

"That to and fro between being happy alone, but being reminded of the last person who enabled you to feel love is the basis of my new single 'Last Love'," Harnett tells PEOPLE. " I felt like I freed myself when I wrote it, because I identified that it wasn't the person that I missed, but love itself."

Ready Is Always Too Late is set to release this May.

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Cautious Clay

Cautious Clay
Leeor Wild

This singer has us "Chessin'" with his soulful vocals and poetic music.

Cautious Clay, born Joseph Karpeh, mixes R&B, hip hop and indie to create hit tunes like his breakout single "Cold War" which lent him a feature in Olivia Wilde's Booksmart. The Ohio-native also hopped on the soundtrack for Issa Rae's Insecure and has collaborated with the likes of Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, John Legend and John Mayer.

Clay has released three EPs — Table of Context, Resonance and Blood Type — and is now looking to drop his debut album this summer which includes his newest single "Roots."

"'Roots' is about having an established history with someone and coming to the often difficult realization that things ultimately won't last," Clay tells PEOPLE. "It's about wanting to put yourself out there and be emotionally vulnerable to a fault, but ultimately knowing that what's best is for both people to separate and move on."

Check out the video for "Dying in the Subtlety," another single from Clay's upcoming album.

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Sophie and The Giants

sophie and the giants
Brianna Hebberd

This UK pop band has got us "Hypnotized" with their melodic sounds.

Sophie and The Giants comprses Sophie Scott as lead singer and guitarist, Toby Holmes as lead guitarist, Antonia Pooles on bass and Chris Hill on the drums.

Based in Sheffield, England, this group is working on honing their craft after seeing major success and attention from their 2020 smash hit with Purple Disco Machine, "Hypnotized." The track has been streamed over 100 million times on Spotify and has gone triple platinum in Italy, platinum in Poland and gold across seven other countries in Europe.

"Whilst having a big hit with Purple Disco Machine, it has really opened our eyes to the possibilities of where our music could go and what new things we want to add into our sound," the band tells PEOPLE. "The way we describe our sound is Power-pop with a bite. We wanna reach out to as many people as we can and help them feel powerful. We have 'Giants' in our name because no matter how small you feel, we want people to hear our music and feel like they can take on the world."

The band's latest single, "Right Now," is an "empowering electro-pop" track that showcases Sophie's euphoric vocals and conveys the message of joy and hopefulness.

"'Right Now' is a song about the frustration we're all feeling, about how we want to be let loose upon the world again," says the band. "We hope wherever people are this will give them the feeling, if only for a moment, that anything is possible again."

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Mob Rich

Mob Rich
Jack Dytrych

Mob Rich, a California alt-pop duo, are creating "new anthems for the outcast."

The pair, consisting of Maxwell Joseph and Connor Pledger, gained attention from their successful singles "Yoko Ono" and "Friends*" which has already gotten over 2.3 millions streams on Spotify.

"Our songs are a collection of conversations we've had with each other over and over and we got a chance to bring them to life with our productions," Mob Rich tells PEOPLE. " Since we are both music lovers you can hear influence from all over the musical spectrum and clear inspiration from 90s guitar progressions and more contemporary drum sounds and lyrically more experimental like some of the indie bands we love."

The two have been compared to the likes of Tame Impala and an early MGMT, where their songs showcase emotional honesty with a sense of humor. Mob Rich's newest single, "Everything and Nothing," talks about the feelings of meeting someone new.

"Everything and Nothing' makes us think about every first date we've ever had. In that moment the possibilities are endless," says Mob Rich. " It becomes about the price we pay for being completely vulnerable with someone and all our ups and downs in relationships. The ability to feel on top of the world and also sometimes, unfortunately, the complete opposite."

The duo plans on releasing their debut album Why No Why this year.

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Vice Menta

vice menta
Warner Warner Musica Latina

These twin brothers are making waves!

Celo and Genio are Vice Menta. The two are from Monterrey, Mexico and their sound is a captivating fusion of Latin, urban, hip-hop, R&B and trap.

While the duo stepped onto the music scene in 2017 with their album La Wave, their hit track "Granada" put these brothers in the spotlight within the Latin music market and beyond. Both brothers feel a sense of pride in their heritage.

"It's dope being able to do music in Spanish and feel like you are now able to impact the whole world," Celo tells PEOPLE. "Latinos are the new wave and we are here to stay. It's time to take it to the next level!"

The two are excited to be able to "export" their "culture to the world" as they are now promoting their newest single "El Santo."

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Forest Blakk

Forest Blakk
Jimmy Fontaine

This next artist is finding strength through music and empowering listeners with his sound.

"Urban folk" singer Forest Blakk found strength and light in music after struggling with depression and anxiety. Now he's hoping to give that gift of hope to others through music.

"It's been a massive metamorphosis for me to understand that you really can sing your way out of hell," Blakk tells PEOPLE, referring to his tough childhood. "I make this joke all the time: 'I couldn't sing to save my life, so I learned to sing to save my life.' And that's what this all feels like."

He's captivating listeners with his songs about love and loss. His most recent hit single, "If You Love Her," has been streamed over 9 million times on Spotify and viewed more than 2 million times on YouTube.

"'If You Love Her' was inspired by me getting my heart broken but wanting to honor the relationship and honor that partner," says Blakk. "It's a way of saying: 'We may not be meant for each other, but I genuinely hope that everything works out for you, and that the next person who comes along gets it right.'"

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Phoenix Johnson

This alt-pop group is giving other bands a run for their money.

COIN, a Nashville-based trio, made it big with their 2016 hit track "Talk Too Much" which reached number 8 on the Billboard Alternative Songs Chart and has over 147 million streams on Spotify.

Started by students at Belmont University, COIN became a band in 2012. Since their humble beginnings, the group has performed at major festivals like Lollapalooza.

The group is back and taking charge of their music and sound without labels of who they should or shouldn't be. Their recent single "You Are The Traffic" was added to Spotify's New Music Friday playlist upon release and has since racked up over 2 million Spotify streams.

"In 2020, we dug in and wrote more songs than we've ever written," COIN tells PEOPLE. "This time, without the unhelpful filter 'this is, or isn't COIN.' Most of the songs were fragments of confusion and mixed emotions about the world and where we stand to be in it. Less as 'artists,' more as people; little pieces of the puzzle."

Listen to their most recent album, Green Blue + Indigo Violet, which the group says is "rooted in a 70s, smooth rock palette."

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Courtesy The Band CAMINO

This rock band sounds like "Heaven."

The Band CAMINO is a pop-rock trio made up of Jeffrey Jordan (vocals, guitar), Spencer Stewart (vocals, guitar) and Garrison Burgess (drums). While they have been friends since high school, the band formed while the three were students at the University of Memphis.

The band has been called "rock's next big thing" by Billboard and received a nod from Taylor Swift after she added their 2017 song "Berenstein" to her old Spotify playlist "Songs Taylor Loves."

"We just want to be honest with ourselves and honest about how we feel and what we think," Jordan said in an interview with Atwood Magazine. "So I don't think there's an overarching message, but we just want to connect with people who feel what we feel, and overall just connecting and relating to people is really what it's all about."

Their debut EP, tryhard, featured "Daphne Blue," which made waves on AltNation spending multiple weeks at #1 on the Alt18 countdown, while the band received additional media coverage from Billboard, American Songwriter, Elite Daily, LA Weekly and more.

Their latest single "1 Last Cigarette" is about the euphoric feelings of a party and what happens once it's over. The group is looing to release their full length album later this year.

"This debut record is all of our entire lives in the making and we can't wait to release it and bring the songs to life on the road," The Band CAMINO tells PEOPLE.

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Steph Verschuren

This 18-year-old singer is giving us Teenage Angst and major hits.

Renforshort is a rising pop star that has been catapulted into the spotlight after releasing her "twisted love song," "Mind Games." Her 2020 EP Teenage Angst is a collection of honest songs around "young love, anxiety, self-image" and other personal subjects.

Other singles that have made the songwriter's name known are "Bummer " and "F--, I Luv My Friends," where the teen singer talks about the loneliness of quarantine and missing her best friends while in isolation. Her latest single, "Virtual Reality," is also a song inspired by life in quarantine.

"'Virtual Reality' is a really honest song about the world right now through my eyes," Renforshort tells PEOPLE. "I haven't left the house in ages and my life feels like it's meshing together, into one big blob of nothingness. This song is a look into my brain and how bored I am of this bizarre new world we live in. The great thing about virtual reality to me is that it's not only a sign of the times, but it's also how I felt before covid; isolated, bored, lonely, and unmotivated."

Rolling Stone called her an "emerging grunge-pop star."

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Tomorrow X Together
Big Hit Entertainment

We're Still Dreaming about this next group!

Tomorrow X Together, or TXT for short, is an upcoming K-pop group made up of five members: Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun and Huening Kai. Their latest EP minisode1: Blue Hour released on debuted at number 25 on the Billboard 200 and number one on Billboard's World Album chart.

"Music carries messages we can all relate to and connect with," TXT tells PEOPLE. "We hope, through our music, we can share our dreams and build a brighter tomorrow together with people all over the world."

With hit songs like "Can't You See Me?" and "CROWN," they have been the first K-pop group to be featured on the cover of Teen Vogue and is the first Korean band to have their debut album, The Dream Chapter: STAR, chart on the Billboard 200.

Listen to their song "Everlasting Shine" from their 2021 album Still Dreaming.

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Yazz Alali

This empowering artist is using her music to fight back.

Shungudzo is a Zimbabwean-American activist, poet, and an on the rise R&B-pop artist. With her song "it's a good day (to fight the system)," the singer penned the song after this summer's Black Lives Matter protests. Her latest single, "There's only so much a soul can take," also speaks on the current state of society.

Her music is also featured on Spotify's Alternative R&B playlist, Apple's Wax Eclectic, Tidal's Rising and more.

The singer's debut album, I'm not a mother, but I have children, will be released later this year as Shungudzo uses the collection of songs to talk about race, society and creating a better future.

"I'm not a mother, but I have children is a sonic journey through pretty much every emotion I've felt surrounding race, society and trying to help build a better one in my lifetime," Shungudzo tells PEOPLE. "I hope that being open about the range of emotions I've felt over the Black experience, the female experience and the human experience encourages other people to be more open about what they're going through, and more open to individual and collective healing."

Listen to her hit track with Oliver Heldens, "Fire In My Soul."

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Rich Brian

Rich Brian
Definate Films

Rich Brian is ready to take listeners on a trip with his latest single "Sydney." The rapper says he got inspiration for the single from his 2019 tour in Australia.

"The energy [in Sydney] was incredible, both from the crowd and the amazing city," Brian tells PEOPLE. "When I started rapping over this beat, Sydney was the city that naturally came to mind to flex with."

With hit songs like "100 Degrees" and "Drive Safe," the rapper is being shrouded with praise as Billboard has called him a "rap wunderkind" and the L.A. Times hailed him as "a phenom… a gifted MC and producer [with an] introspective, authoritative voice."

Brian has collaborated with big rap names like 21 Savage and Offset to name a few and has had sold-out shows across North America, Europe and Asia, and played at festivals including Bonnaroo and Rolling Loud.

Watch the video for his past hit, "Glow Like Dat."

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Brynn Cartelli

Brynn Cartelli
Brynn Cartelli. Andrew Segreti

As season 14 winner of The Voice, Brynn Cartelli is now carving her on path.

The 17-year-old singer is working on an upcoming project that will be released in the coming months, and single from the soon to be project is called "Long Way Home." The single comes two years after her debut single "Last Night's Mascara."

The teen popstar first wowed listeners after first appearing on The Voice for her blind audition where she sang a rendition Labrinth and Emeli Sandé's "Beneath Your Beautiful."

The Massachusetts native went on to compete on Kelly Clarkson's team, and became the youngest winner of The Voice at age 15. In an interview with Billboard, Cartelli said she doesn't think her young age impacts her opportunities.

"I've never used [my age] to my advantage," Cartelli said. "It was just a thing the coaches are always impressed by and the show is always impressed by. But I'm just a hard worker, and I think that you don't need to have age to be a hard worker. I've really never let my age get in the way of my music."

The songwriter shares that her latest single is the beginning for what's in store for music to come this year.

"I'm so excited to be releasing my first single off of a project that's been on the top of my mind for over two years now," Cartelli tells PEOPLE. "'Long Way Home' is just the beginning of a story revealing the highs and lows of teenage freedom. Writing about my experiences of sisterhood friendships, dramatic crushes, and spiritual connections has become the foundation of the stories I want to tell, who I want to be as an artist, and where I'm going next."

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Bree Runway

Bree Runway
Dave Benett/Getty

This next pop singer is making the world her runway!

Bree Runway, a British singer from Hackney, is having her breakout year after seeing major success from her single "ATM" featuring Missy Elliott alongside her electrifying music video for the track.

The song is from her debut album 2000AND4EVA, which granted Runway praise and attention not just within the UK, but also internationally. The songwriter told Complex in an interview about her starstuck experience of getting a feature Missy Elliott.

"'ATM' was always one of those songs that felt incomplete to me, but the lightbulb moment hit us and Missy was definitely the missing piece of the puzzle," said Runway. "When I got her verse back, tears were literally streaming down my face. I kept saying, 'OMG! Missy thee legend, the icon! I almost dropped my laptop. I was shook!"

Other hits from her most album include "LITTLE NOKIA" and "GUCCI" featuring rapper Maliibu Miitch. Listeners have been attracted to Runway for not just her talent but also her vision as a creative and her hyper-futuristic fashion. The performer shares that as her platform grow, she was to be a leading example for Black girls.

"For Black girls making music, we tend to only get reduced to soul or R&B, but I'm a pop girl," Runway told i-D Magazine. "There's other Black girls who may be rock girls, experimental girls, dance girls, or pop girls too. I just want my journey, this year and beyond, to be a testament to staying true to yourself and thriving; you don't have to do what they expect of you. You can do you and still win."

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Eddie Mandell

You'll feel "Happy Again" after listening to the healing sounds of this next artist.

UMI, an LA-based neo-soul singer, is mixing spirituality, mediation and calming vocals to create a world of freeing music for listeners. Her hit 2018 single, "Remember Me," pushed the songwriter into a bigger spotlight as the song has amassed over 27 million views on Youtube and over 82 million streams on Spotify.

The rising R&B star emphasizes the importance of mindfulness to her fans as on her website she has a section devoted to mediation and drawing. She shared how spirituality inspires her music.

"To me, spirituality is just heightened self-awareness and taking time to check in," said UMI in an interview with Pigeons and Planes. "That's why I like to meditate—I'll just reflect on the day and ask myself why certain things happened to me? Why did I feel this way? By doing that, I can write better music. I can always be more aware of where my emotions and lyrics come from."

The singer shares with PEOPLE that fans can expect an album soon!

"I'm planning on also releasing my debut album this year. My goal is for this album is to expand the genre of R&B and create a body of work that feels timeless," UMI tells PEOPLE. "i'm excited for my music to continue to grow and heal those who listen."

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This R&B singer has a voice as sweet as "Honey."

The serene sounds and dream-like world of Indian-American singer Raveena have captivated listeners far and wide. The New York-based songwriter received critical acclaim for her 2019 debut full-length, Lucid, which contain sweet and alluring melodies as seen on "Stronger" and "Petal."

It was her 2017 single, "If Only," that helped turn her into a breakout star. The song has been streamed over 29 million times on Spotify. Raveena told VICE that growing up, music was medicinal for her.

"I was really introverted as a kid and fell in love with music. It was my main source of working shit out in my head and entertainment growing up," said Raveena. "I fell in love with jazz and soul, and Billie Holiday. I listened to Ella Fitzgerald and all of those soul classics. I'd sing to myself in the bathroom for hours, studying how to use my voice and how to stretch it as an instrument.

Her latest EP, Moonstone, continues creating a heavenly musical landscape with songs like "Starflower" and the hit song "Close 2 U."

Watch the colorful music video to her latest single,"Tweety."

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Dylan Conrique

Dylan Conrique
Dylan Conrique. Lauren Dunn

Dylan Conrique's newest single "Bitter" is oh, so sweet.

The actress and singer says her new song is a combination of her "two favorite genres" — country and pop. And she's hoping her sound yells "new year, new me."

"My favorite lyric is "I'm not bitter, I'm better" — I feel like people can relate to that," Conrique tells PEOPLE. "It's a new sound for me."

Her 2020 EP "Baby Blue" is a mix of pop beats and acoustic guitar ballads as the California native sings about "Wasted Makeup" and being "Homesick."

Watch Conrique in the music video for "Bitter."

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Bailey Bryan

Bailey Bryan
Nikko LaMere

She's here to give us a whole new "Perspective."

Bailey Bryan is encouraging listeners to embrace their inner "sensitive bad bitch" with songs like "Steal Your Girl" and "Roster," where she touches on the personal, emotional aspects of relationships while maintaining an IDGAF attitude.

"My biggest hope for my songs is that they empower people to be in touch with their emotions and that being vulnerable doesn't take away from their value," Bryan tells PEOPLE. "That's why I call it 'Sensitive Bad Bitch' music, and why you can find me on my Tik Tok talking about how I don't need a man, but that doesn't mean you won't also catch me crying about one."

This singer-songwriter received early buzz in 2016 for her country single "Own It." She's since branched out to genres such as indie-pop and picked up influences of R&B.

Bryan says fans can expect more music this year that makes you "feel confident in your feels" because she has set out to release a new track the first Friday of the first few months of 2021 with her musical project "Fresh Start."

Check out her newest song "play w/ me," which TikTok can't get enough of!

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Spencer Sutherland

Spencer Sutherland
Caden Huston

He's here to break the rules!

As an alternative pop artist, Spencer Sutherland says the genre allows him to go outside the norm and that the "weirder" it is, the cooler the music can be. And his new EP "Indigo," is pretty cool.

"'Indigo' is about that feeling or person or moment you never want to leave," Sutherland tells PEOPLE. "I just like to make songs that make people feel something!"

The former X-Factor contestant has racked up more than 3 million views on his video for "Fine" and over 1 million for his "Tell Me" video. (On Spotify, "Tell Me" has garnered nearly 4 million plays.)

With his music inspirations ranging from Marvin Gaye to Green Day, Sutherland's music is not one you can put in a single box.

Listen to his EP's self-titled track "Indigo."

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Sophie Jones

This artist is on fire and we don't want to "Stop This Flame."

Celeste is a British-Jamaican soul singer that has garnered recognition from awards like the BBC Sound of 2020 and BRITS Rising Star. Her music is a combination of classic jazz and contemporary R&B as seen in her songs "Strange," and "A Little Love."

While in quarantine, Celeste shot a music video for the single "I Can See The Change," a song produced by Grammy-winner Finneas.

"The song was originally something quite personal to me in terms of what it was about, but it's taken on a new life with the reinvigoration of the Black Lives Matter movement," she told Vogue. "It's taken on a new meaning even for me."

Celeste is releasing her full-length debut album, Not Your Muse next month. In the meantime, play "Stop This Flame," which is featured on the FIFA 21 video game soundtrack.

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Claudia Valentina

Claudia Valentina
Jack Bridgland

We are "Obsessed" with this singer-songwriter.

Claudia Valentina says her self-titled EP is just a taste for what's in store for her future in music.

"I've been working for years developing my sound and these songs felt like they captured what I wanted in a first project," Valentina tells PEOPLE.

The tracks on her new EP range from an emotional, vulnerable piano ballad with "Seven" to a techno-pop, anti-love anthem about standing strong with "4:15."

"Both reflect very personal experiences and the message in each is really important to me," Valentina says about the tracks, which she describes as "opposite sides of the spectrum."

Play her track "Seven," which has already garnered more than 4 million plays on Spotify.

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Ms. Boogie

Ms. Boogie
Ashley Peña

Bow down to the "Fem Queen."

Ms. Boogie, formerly known as Jay Boogie, is an up and coming Brooklyn-based rap artist.

With her songs "She Roar" and newest single "Morphin Time" Ms. Boogie creates music that she describes as "raw, liberating and revolutionary".

As an Afro-Latina, transgender woman, she uses her craft as more than just emotional expression but also as a form of resistance.

"I rap as an act of resilience and activism, essentially what Hip Hop & Rap was born from," Ms. Boogie tells PEOPLE. "Music gives us a chance to amplify our voices and archive our stories. The majority of the world still doesn't believe that we all share similar experiences as humans and meet at many of the same intersections. Mediums like music and art allow us to challenge those beliefs."

Boogie has also collaborated with artists such as Princess Nokia and rapper Cupcakke on the remix of "LMK", a song by R&B artist Kelela.

Listen to her track "Fem Queen."

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Yung Bleu

Yung Bleu
Maurice Tyrone Holloway

This artist is proving he's worthy of your Investments.

Yung Bleu has been making music since he was 11 and just keeps getting bigger and better. On his 2020 EP "Love Scars: The 5 Stages of Emotions," he collaborated with Drake for the song "Your Mines Still," which gave him his first appearance on the Billboard Hot 100.

"Working with Drake took me to a new level in my music career," Yung Bleu tells PEOPLE. "Being able to obtain an accolade such as a feature with him made me feel like I reached a milestone."

The rapper's dark, ominous style and increasingly intricate flows create moody tracks that he says "touches souls."

"My music is timeless, my music isn't only for one season," Bleu adds. "I like to make records that can take your mind places while touching the soul. My music sets a tone when you're playing it."

Listen to his song "2AM in Houston."

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Eddie Benjamin

Eddie Benjamin
Demarquis McDaniels

This artist will leave you "Speechless."

Eddie Benjamin is a singer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter from Sydney, Australia. He's collaborated with both Sia and Megahn Trainor and has received props from stars like Justin Bieber, who called Benjamin "the next generation."

"I've always been focused on my creative process and including my own musical interests and influences into the songs I work on," Benjamin tells PEOPLE. "I love adding in flavors of pop, R&B and jazzy overtones to my music."

You may recognize his face from Bieber's Next Chapter documentary or from selfies with girlfriend Maddie Zielger on Instagram.

Listeners will be able to hear his angelic vocals on his upcoming debut EP. While we wait for it, listen to his song "Running Away From Home" and "F— My Friends."

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iann dior

Iann Dior
Sam Dameshek

You probably know him for his smash hit collaboration with 24kgoldn, "Mood."

With a rapid ascent to the top of the charts, Puerto Rican rapper iann dior has already collaborated with A-listers such as Lil Baby and Machine Gun Kelly on his 2020 EP "Im Gone."

"I think what sets me apart as an artist is that my music is timeless and an expression of my deepest thoughts," dior tells PEOPLE. "In 2021, you can expect a lot of new music, creative projects, videos, and more insight into who I am as an artist. I'm excited for the future."

His sound mixes the genres of rap, rock and pop as in song "Pretty Girls" and his moody track "Emotions."

Check out "Holding On" — and his collaboration with Justin Bieber and J Balvin for the remix of "Mood."

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Chloe Moriondo

Chloe Moriondo
Jimmy Fontaine

We want Chloe Moriondo to be the girl on our TV!

While this "rock chick" is doing big things in 2021 as her major-label debut album is expected this year, the Michigan-born singer got her start by posting covers on YouTube at 13.

"I love making alternative pop and rock music and trying to say as many weird words in a song as I can," Moriondo tells PEOPLE. "Being a teenager is a f—ed up time and I like to make music about it!"

Moriondo is featured on the cover of Dork Magazine, Spotify's beloved Lorem playlist, while The New York Times described her single "I Want To Be With You" an "acutely observed bedroom pop … served with a side of arena-emo triumph."

Listen to her song "GIRL ON TV" and her cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams."

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