Some of the songs on the newly released Mary Wilson Expanded Edition album had been previously unreleased for 40 years
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Mary Wilson
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Mary Wilson's daughter is making sure to carry on her famous mother's iconic legacy.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Wilson's daughter, Turkessa Babich, spoke to the outlet about sharing her mother's final two solo albums months after her death at age 76.

"She was ecstatic, she was ramping and raving and spilling the beans a couple days before she passed," Babich told ET ahead of the release of the first album, Mary Wilson Expanded Edition, which dropped on Friday.

The LP — a new, updated version of Wilson's 1979 self-titled album — features the album's original songs alongside eight bonus tracks, four of which were previously unreleased.

Some of the songs, per ET, had been previously unreleased for 40 years and Wilson hadn't released new music in part because of "the times" and the evolution of music. "She couldn't get anything out there and it just sat on the shelf," Babich told the outlet.

Back in February, Wilson — who made up the first arrangement of The Supremes alongside Diana Ross and Florence Ballard — died at her home in Las Vegas, her publicist Jay Schwartz confirmed to PEOPLE at the time.

A few days before her death, Wilson shared a video on her YouTube channel announcing that she was planning to release a new batch of solo material, including the unreleased album Red Hot she recorded in the 1970s.

"Hopefully some of that will be out on my birthday, March 6," she said in the video, before also noting that she would release interviews that she had done in the past about The Supremes' experiences along with segregation in honor of Black History Month.

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Last month, Wilson's first posthumous single, "Why Can't We All Get Along," was released. The song, Babich told ET, was originally crafted about a Supremes reunion that never came to be.

"The song is based off her diaries and Richard Davis took her diaries, read through them all, and wrote the song especially for her," she said. "She suffered a lot, but she overcame it. She didn't let it hold her back and this is the work of her diaries."

"[My mom and Diana] spoke, they communicated [before her death]," Babich added. "Whenever they spoke it was kind of like if you're calling your cousin or your sister and it's been a long time or that type of thing. Just saying I love you."

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During her time with ET, Babich added that her mother's new albums will show off her vocal prowess.

"You hear her vocals on this. She doesn't have Diane and Flo back there singing," she said. "It's her, it's her raw."

Babich also shared details about what is was like to grow up with a famous mother, telling the outlet, "It was the only life that I knew."

"At home she was just mom. But out there in the world, we'd get fans interrupting our meals, 'Can I get an autograph?' You know," she recounted. "And we're like, 'Mom, really, we're trying to have a meal here.' She insisted on signing every single autograph, didn't matter where or when. She would do it."

"The Supreme fans, the Mary Wilson fans, they're loyal," Babich added.