Mary Wilson Reveals She's Open to a Supremes Reunion — But Says 'It's Up to Diana' Ross!

"I think the fans would love to see it," Mary Wilson says of a possible Supremes reunion

The world needs more Mary Wilson.

In this week’s issue of PEOPLE, the iconic soul singer and founding member of The Supremes opens up about her nearly 60-year long career, her new journey on Dancing with the Stars and whether or not fans can expect a Supremes reunion any time soon.

“I think the fans would love to see it, but that’s really up to Diana [Ross],” Wilson, 75, says. “It’s up to her and if she would like to do it, then I’ll be there!”

The Supremes – Florence Ballard, Diana Ross, and Mary Wilson. Walt Disney Archives/Getty

The Supremes — Florence Ballard, Diana Ross and Wilson — found great success with endless number one hits and were responsible for breaking barriers for women entertainers.

“The Supremes were very — we were famous, we were one of the most famous female groups in the world,” she says. “And right now when you look at history, you see mostly the guys — you see the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, and Elvis, but what about the girls? We girls were doing quite well ourselves.”

And while she continues to find success, Wilson — a divorced mother of three adult children — says she has worked tirelessly to find true happiness.

The Supremes' Mary Wilson Reminisces About Performing in NYC Over the Years
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“This is something that I want to share with the world and I want everyone to know that we, The Supremes, did dare to dream,” she says. “We really did dare to dream and we made our dreams come true.”

With her fourth book, Supreme Glamour — a book that will showcase some of the iconic gowns and outfits of The Supremes — newly released, a jam-packed tour schedule, and weekly rehearsals for her stint on DWTS, Wilson – who also just celebrated Motown’s 60-year anniversary – says she has no plans to slow down.

“I don’t really have time to sit back and think because I’m always doing something different,” she says. “And I think most entertainers are like that. We really should perhaps sit back and check it out. But I don’t know, we’re always constantly trying to do more and not for more money, but just because we enjoy what we do. So it’s always something new under the horizon and I’m one of those people. Dancing with the Stars is for me, like great. It’s like having another hit record. It’s like having another grandchild!”

During last night’s premiere, Wilson — danced the Foxtrot with her partner Brandon Armstrong — and got a standing ovation after her performance.

“It’s a competition, but I’m not competitive at all,” she told PEOPLE prior to her performance. “I’m just, I’m out there to do the best that I can be and to learn something new and be happy.”

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