Mary Mary Gospel Star Erica Campbell Opens Up About Contemplating Suicide As a Teenager

Erica Campbell opens up about some difficult times in her life, including a dark period as a teen when she considered suicide

In a sneak peak at Tuesday’s episode of We’re The Campbells — a nine-episode docu-series centered around gospel power couple Warryn and Erica Campbell — the Mary Mary singer opened up about some difficult times in her life.

“There’s still a lot of me that people haven’t seen and don’t know, and there are the things that are a little deeper and require a little bit more,” she reveals in the clip. “I remember when I was twelve, we were living in Inglewood and I tried to kill myself.”

Though Warryn had advised Erica to “dig deeper” about some of her personal struggles as she writes her first book, he was not expecting her dark confession.

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“What do you mean you tried to kill yourself?” Warryn questions, as Erica replies, “Something was telling me, ‘Just slice your wrists in the kitchen.'”

“And you did it?” he asks.

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“No, I didn’t,” she reassures him. “I heard that voice, but I thank God for that prayer that was going on in that house because I knew not to do that. Now I know it was the enemy trying to take my life even as a young girl.”

We’re The Campbells airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on TV One.

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