November 23, 2017 10:25 AM

Maroon 5 and Jimmy Fallon pulled a fast one on a bunch of New York City subway riders.

Adam Levine, guitarist James Valentine and the Tonight Show disguised themselves as bearded buskers, sporting hats and dark glasses to hide their famous faces.

The trio took to the subway station just below Rockefeller Center with tambourines, a guitar and a pair of microphones. They performed Queen’s “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” with Levine, 38, disguising his voice by putting on a deeper tone.

Naturally, a sizeable crowd formed around the trio and many took out their cell phones to record the performers. That’s when Fallon, 43, revealed himself.

Andrew Lipovsky/NBC


“We’re gonna do one more song for you guys,” he said, before peeling off his disguise. “But first, I’d just like to say hello. My name is Jimmy Fallon and this is Maroon 5.”

Fallon quickly switched from singer to hype man, jumping around as Maroon 5 sang their 2014 hit, “Sugar.”

Th crowd quickly doubled in size, with fans clapping along and continuing to record on their cell phones. Footage of the event, shared on the talk show’s YouTube account, has amassed more than 1 million views since it was published on Tuesday.

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