Lady Bird actress Beanie Feldstein's oldest brother Jordan died at age 40 in December 2017


Among the many celebrity cameos, there was one special loved one in Maroon 5‘s “Girls Like You” music video.

Broadway star and Lady Bird actress Beanie Feldstein, who is the sister of the band’s late manager Jordan Feldstein, made a quick-second appearance in the video as she stands behind frontman Adam Levine, who is a close friend of the Feldstein family.

Beanie, 24, shared a sweet story about her longtime relationship with Levine on Instagram Thursday. “When I was five years old, Adam dedicated a song to me at one of the band’s first gigs and I stood up on my chair and yelled, ‘I HATE YOU! STOP EMBARRASSING ME!’ and ran out of the room,” she recalled.

“Almost twenty years later, he invited me to be a part of something very, very special and I decided not to run out of the room. love you, @adamlevine,” added Beanie, who is the younger sister of actor Jonah Hill.

Beanie Feldstein
| Credit: Maroon 5/Vevo

Her “Girls Like You” cameo comes five months after the sudden death of her oldest sibling Jordan, who died at age 40 in December 2017. He is survived by his two children.

The music talent manager worked with Maroon 5 from their inception over 15 years ago in addition to serving as the CEO and founder of Career Artist Management (CAM).

In March, the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office confirmed Jordan died as a result of a blood clot that originated in his leg. Acute bronchopneumonia and obesity were listed as other significant causes.

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Feldstein matriarch Sharon and Levine’s mother Patsy Noah recently told PEOPLE about their families’ tight-knit bond.

“Our kids grew up together, almost like brothers and sisters,” Patsy said.

As teenagers, Sharon and Patsy became fast friends after meeting through their boyfriends on a trip to Las Vegas in 1973. Their friendship grew even stronger after the New York natives settled in Los Angeles and raised families of their own. And the pair co-founded, a group of celebrity and influencers’ mothers who bring attention to issues affecting America’s underserved and impoverished children.