Marie Osmond to Release First Album in 5 Years, 'Unexpected' : 'A Culmination of a Lifetime of Music'

"It is unexpected. But it is also my heart, so from my heart to the fans, this is for them," Osmond tells PEOPLE as she reveals the LP's cover art

Marie Osmond is back — and she's releasing a new album!

PEOPLE can exclusively announce that Marie Osmond will be releasing an opera-meets-American standard album Unexpected soon. Osmond, 61, tells PEOPLE that when she imagined releasing the LP, the Unexpected title only seemed fitting since it was, indeed, "unexpected."

"People know me from so many different kinds of music, but I don't think they realize I've been loving this music — the opera, the Broadway and American standards – since I was a young girl," Osmond tells PEOPLE. A release date for the album has yet to be revealed.

"I've sung some of these songs over the years, but to collect them all in one place? It is unexpected. But it is also my heart, so from my heart to the fans, this is for them," she continues.

Marie Osmond Unexpected
Wade Hunt (Artwork) | David Schwep (Photography)

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At the end of the day, Osmond says the album is dedicated to her fans and she hopes they can feel how much the music moves her so it might move them too.

"To be able to give people joy [and] to give them music that lets them feel the emotions they're going through in a tangible way — that's one of the greatest blessings," she says.

Marie Osmond

As a young girl, the singer says her father would take her to a record store every year on her birthday and let her pick out an LP of her choice. Her choices were "always opera."

The singer also shares that recording the album was "something very much from her heart."

Marie Osmond
Marie Osmond. Nutrisystem

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"Perhaps this is a little more of a labor of love, because I have always said music is medicine. But these songs, this music which I have studied for years and years, are the culmination of a lifetime of music," Osmond says.

The album announcement comes nearly a year after she announced she would leave The Talk after one year as co-host.

At the time, she said she was looking forward to adjusting to life as an empty nester.

"Also, my husband and I just dropped our last two kids off at college, we looked at each other, laughed and remembered we hadn't been this alone together since 1982!!" Osmond said at the time. "So, at this stage of my life, I'm looking forward to spending more time with him and visiting all the kids/grandkids."

Unexpected will be available for pre-sale on Aug. 27.

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