Mariah Carey Finally Finds Her Hot Tea After Hilarious Request During New Year's Performance

Following Mariah Carey's disappointment over not being given any tea to drink during her New Year's Eve performance, the singer rang in 2018 by finally getting her hands on some hot tea

Mariah Carey rang in 2018 by finally getting her hands on some hot tea.

Early Monday morning, following the 47-year-old singer’s disappointment over not being given any tea to drink between the two songs she performed on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest, Carey found the warming beverage she had been looking for.

“Found my tea! 🍵,” she enthusiastically proclaimed on social media, alongside a picture of herself — still dressed up in her glamorous New Year’s attire — taking a sip.

On Sunday, the singer gave New Year’s Eve another try a year after closing out 2016 on a sour note, but after she finished performing her first song, Carey quickly realized there was one problem: there was no tea to soothe her throat in the brutal subzero temperatures.

“I was told there would be tea. Oh, it’s a disaster!” she told the audience. “Okay well we’ll just have to rough it. I’m gonna be like everybody else with no hot tea.”

Times Square NYE Ball Drop, New York, USA - 31 Dec 2017
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Shortly after Carey’s quip, social media users reacted by cracking jokes about the singer’s disappointment over not being able to drink any tea to warm up her vocal chords.

“Petition to make Mariah Carey asking for hot tea the first meme of 2018,” wrote one social media user.

While another wrote, “The first time life throws you a curve in 2018 just remember: Mariah Carey made it through without her hot tea. You can make it through too.”

And as one social media user pointed out, “No matter how bad your 2017 was, always remember: You weren’t the one who misplaced Mariah Carey’s tea.”

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