Mariah Carey's Reaction to Being Dubbed the 'Queen of Christmas' Might Surprise You

The Grammy-winning artist also shares her holiday traditions and the one Christmas trend she doesn't follow

Mariah Carey doesn’t want a lot for Christmas, but the one thing she needs is her family and a few elaborately decorated trees.

The pop icon sat down with PEOPLE Now to discuss her new animated film, Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You. The movie shares the name of her chart-topping song, which she tries her hardest not to listen to until the Yuletide spirit is in the air.

“I perform the song, but as far as sitting around and listening to it, I try to wait until it’s the Christmas season,” says Carey, 47. “I listen to a lot of other artists and their Christmas songs, as well. I just put them in a playlist and keep playing Christmas music until after Christmas, and then everybody’s like ‘Okay, ready!’ Like, you can stop now!'”

Whether you’re walking through the malls, tuning in to the radio or scrolling through your favorite holiday playlist, Carey’s iconic voice is the main ingredient to instant cheer. So is that why they deem her the “Queen of Christmas?”

“I don’t accept that name because I feel like it’s [too much],” she says. “I humbly thank them and I do have an extraordinary love for the holiday season, and it is the best time of the year.”

From dancing in the kitchen with 6-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe to dominating the tree game year after year, Carey’s holiday festivities know no bounds.

“All year long I just wait and I look forward to cooking and just like decorating the Christmas tree,” she says about her yearly traditions. “I have a few different Christmas trees, and we decorate some of them and some of them there’s a lady that helps us with that, and then there’s one that the kids and I do together with my extended family and friends.”

“We all enjoy ourselves,” she adds.

And from glitzy red gowns to belly-baring Santa outfits and sexy blinged-out lingerie, the one item you’ll never see Carey donning is an “ugly” Christmas sweater.

“Everybody likes to do their Christmas sweater and I just create my own [ensembles],” she admits. Sleigh, queen, sleigh.

On Wednesday, the “Star” singer was forced to cancel her first few “All I Want for Christmas Is You” concerts due to “a lovely upper respiratory infection after last week’s flu,” but after a little rest, she’ll be in the clear to take the stage at a later date.

Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You is available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download now.

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