Mariah Carey Confuses The Chainsmokers for One Direction — but Pokes Fun at Herself for It

Mariah Carey mixed up The Chainsmokers with One Direction when she met them at an awards show

Mariah Carey is mixing up her boy bands with DJ duos!

In a new interview with SiriusXM’s The Morning Mashup, The Chainsmokers (Andrew Taggart, 29, and Alex Pall, 33) revealed that Carey had once confused them with none other than One Direction.

During a clip released on Wednesday, Pall told the story of meeting the pop star, 48, at an awards show.

“I remember seeing her and I was like, ‘Oh my God, “Fantasy” and “Honey,”‘ Pall said, referring to two of Carey’s hits. “And she was like, ‘Dude I love you guys!’ And we were like, ‘Wow, you know who we are?’ And she was like, ‘One Direction, right?'”

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Carey caught wind of the clip and responded on Twitter on Wednesday night, poking fun at herself with a tweet that read, “@TheChainsmokers of course I know you!! I love your song ‘That’s What Makes You Beautiful,'” referring to the 2011 One Direction single.

The Chainsmokers then responded to Carey, jokingly writing “framing this tweet.”

This isn’t the first time Carey has appeared not to know her fellow musicians. In an infamous exchange from the early 2000s, an interviewer asked Carey if she liked Jennifer Lopez‘s music, to which Carey responded, “I don’t know her.”

The exchange went viral, prompting rumors of a feud between Lopez and Carey and spawning a meme that has endured throughout the years.

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In 2016, Carey attempted to clear up the Lopez rumors on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

“I’m very forgetful,” Carey said of meeting Lopez. “Apparently I’m forgetful because I don’t remember the fact that it was just like, ‘Hi, I’m so-and-so’ and then move on.”

After host Andy Cohen asked if Lopez seemed “cool,” Carey responded, “I don’t know her, what am I supposed to say? I’m not going to put on a thing, ‘Oh we’re all Hollywood, let’s all just pretend we’re best friends because we’re in that land.’ It’s no offense to anybody.”

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