"It's the reason that I'm standing here today," Mandy Moore also told PEOPLE about her song "Candy," which will celebrate its 20th anniversary this summer

By Karen Mizoguchi
June 07, 2019 01:45 PM

Mandy Moore has been in the recording studio lately working on her own music project with the help and support of husband Taylor Goldsmith.

The actress, 35, opened up to PEOPLE about the “special” collaboration she’s been enjoying with Goldsmith, whom she previously joined forces with for “Invisible Ink,” the original song that her This Is Us character Rebecca sang in season 3.

“It was funny to get into character and backstory with Taylor. It was very unexpected,” Moore recalled at the This Is Us FYC Event in Los Angeles on Thursday, during which the couple performed their song live along with This Is Us’ composer and music supervisor Siddhartha Khosla, who co-wrote it with Goldsmith.

This Is Us
This Is Us

And since then, Moore and Goldsmith have been recording more original songs, one of which she previewed for fans on Instagram Thursday.

“I’m happy anytime we collaborate, we sing together and play together at the house all the time. Working on my music and being in the studio, it makes me emotional to think about it,” Moore told PEOPLE.

“It’s been a really long road. I couldn’t be more thrilled that it’s happening and he’s a part of it. It’s so special,” she said.

“I was singing in the booth last night. I looked over and he had his eyes closed, playing the guitar. I thought there’s nothing cooler than being able to collaborate in this sort of setting with somebody you love, trust and respect, in the way that I respect him,” Moore shared. “He’s the most talented, having him grace any music that I’m a part of is always a treat.”

Moore also revealed that she’s been enjoying her hiatus from TIU by songwriting and recording before she and the cast return to filming season 4 in the next coming weeks. In addition, this summer she will celebrate the 20th anniversary of “Candy,” the debut single of her first album, So Real.

This Is Us
Credit: Frank Micelotta/20th Century Fox Television/PictureGroup

“I’m proud of that bop! It’s the reason that I’m standing here today so I don’t begrudge it,” Moore said of her hit song, which premiered in August 1999.

“It’s not my cup of tea. I don’t think the new music is going to sound like that,” she revealed, adding, “But I love that sweet 15-year-old Mandy that sang it. She didn’t know what she was doing but she was very proud and happy to be there. It’s a fun song!”

This Is Us returns this fall on NBC.