Maluma Calls Himself a 'Workaholic' as He Says He Needed to Create Music Over the Pandemic

"I'm pretty much a workaholic," Maluma told L'Officiel

Maluma for L’Officiel
Maluma. Photo: Pamela Hanson for L’Officiel

Maluma is getting real about his work habits.

In a cover story interview with L'Officiel, the Colombian star opened up about his lifestyle during the pandemic — and admitted to being a "workaholic."

"It was hard, because I spent three or four months at home [in Colombia]. That had never happened to me before — I was on tour for like eight years, nonstop," Maluma, 27, told the outlet. "And then when everything happened, well, to be honest I was happy to be back at home."

He continued, "I built this house four years ago and never had time to enjoy it. But after three months, I was like, 'No, I need to work.' I'm pretty much a workaholic."

Maluma for L’Officiel
Maluma. Pamela Hanson for L’Officiel

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Throughout the pandemic, the "Sobrio" singer managed to release two projects: Papi Juancho and 7DJ.

However, working during the pandemic meant going back to his "roots" and recording the way he would when he was first kick-starting his career.

"It was nice, because no one could come to my house — not an engineer, not the producers. So I had to record by myself again, the way I used to do it 10 years ago. I had no one next to me trying to tell me what to do," Maluma said.

"I was recording the kind of music that I love. It was very inspiring to go back to my roots and to the kind of music that I used to love making," he continued.

Maluma for L’Officiel
Maluma. Pamela Hanson for L’Officiel

Maluma also addressed previous rumors about him dating Kim Kardashian West — and said he doesn't know where they came from.

"We were together at the Dior show. I met her for the first time there. I was also there with Kourtney. People just started talking about it. I don't know why they started asking her that," Maluma said.

Maluma for L’Officiel
Maluma. Pamela Hanson for L’Officiel

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He then set the record straight — and assured readers that they're only "good friends."

"Maybe because she was getting her divorce and everything, you know? But no, we are good friends. We don't talk that often, but yeah, we are good friends and we always wish the best for each other," he said.

Maluma is currently on his Papi Juancho World Tour tour where he is visiting various states across the country and Canada through the end of October. He'll then head to Europe starting in March 2022.

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