September 26, 2017 10:25 AM

What’s better than Madonna giving you a facial? Madonna giving you a facial while singing a song about giving you a facial, of course.

The 59-year-old singer stopped by The Tonight Show on Monday where she gave host Jimmy Fallon a taste of her MDNA chrome clay mask — and was sure to sing the host a song as she showed off her beautician skills.

“I didn’t come here as a pop icon goddess,” Madonna said. “I came here as an aesthetician to rewrite the declaration of skindependence.”

With that, the singer-turned-skincare-enthusiast whipped out the mask and brushed an “M” on the 43-year-old comedian’s right cheek — “this is legendary!” Fallon said.

Andrew Lipovsky/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty

Fallon could hardly contain his excitement when Madonna burst into song, belting lyrics, “You’re getting a spa treatment/it’s gonna make you look so good.”

In the end, Fallon agreed that the mask did indeed make him “look so good.”

“It looks great!” he began. “I look like a baby on this side, and a 50-year-old man on this side.”

It was recently announced that the “Like a Virgin” singer would finally bring her MDNA Skin to the United States — three years after launching the skincare line in Japan.

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“It’s a line I can use every day,” Madonna told WWD in an interview about the collection. “Some things I use when I don’t wear makeup and am not doing shows, and others are specifically good for having to apply makeup and be on stage under lights.…I developed it for me specifically, but it also feels universal. I mean, my children use it, my friends use it.”

The line, which launches on Tuesday, includes everything from face wash to the clay mask she demonstrated on Instagram, ranges from $50 to $600, the latter being her Rejuvenator Set.

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