"'Dear Society' really is my letter to society where I express the anguish I’ve been caused," Madison Beer tells PEOPLE

By Brianne Tracy
May 17, 2019 10:00 AM

Stranger Things fans patiently waiting for the new season can find respite in Madison Beer‘s futuristic, yet vintage new music video which features her being tested on in a lab for the “future of science.”

On Friday, the singer-songwriter released the visuals for “Dear Society,” the first single off her forthcoming debut album due out this summer, as a symbol of the constant pressure to be perfect in today’s society.

“‘Dear Society’ really is my letter to society where I express the anguish I’ve been caused from such an image-based industry and culture we live in,” Beer, 20, tells PEOPLE exclusively. “I also wanted to talk about the effects of this pressure as well as the causes, hearing voices in my head and losing countless nights of sleep; and despite my resentment for this cause and effect, I am still very much stuck in this life and I still use it and live it every day.”

Madison Beer
Eugene Compton

In the beginning of the video, Beer sits alone in a room as a doctor appears on a television screen in front of her and says, “Welcome to L.S. Labs.”

“First off, thank you for being a part of the future of science,” he continues. “My work, though controversial, cannot be judged by the standards of contemporary society. Its nature transcends itself. My work will fundamentally change humanity. You are lucky to be a part of it. While you may not appreciate its gravity now and may find some of the experiments uncomfortable, the benefits of my experiments will be felt by humanity for centuries to come.”

Madison Beer
Eugene Compton

The video, which was co-directed by the Young Astronauts, then depicts Beer being experimented on and observed through a glass wall by doctors.

“The concept is one I’ve had in mind for a while now and finally being able to bring it to light is so exciting for me,” she says. “I don’t want to say too much other than I truly believe everyone will love it!”

Madison Beer
Eugene Compton

As for her upcoming album, Beer says it goes in a “completely different direction” than her debut EP, As She Pleases.

“I’m so incredibly proud of it,” she says. “I’m excited for my fans to hear my heart and what I’ve been through.”

“I’ve been back and forth in the studio since January when I’m home in LA,” she adds. “I’m constantly writing and the process for this album has been one I’ll always cherish. Each song is important to me in its own right, and I think everyone will be surprised when they hear it.”