PLUS: Maddie Ziegler On Working With Shia LaBeouf For Sia's "Elastic Heart" music video
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Although most fans would barely recognize Sia if they saw her in public thanks to her trademark oversized wig, the star’s mentee, Maddie Ziegler, is opening up about the woman behind the bangs.

“She’s the goofiest person I’ve met,” Ziegler tells PEOPLE Now. “She’s giggling all the time. You can’t ever really take her seriously when you’re with her.”

Ever since starring in Sia’s music videos—including “Big Girls Cry,” “Elastic Heart” and “Chandelier“—the teen dancer has formed a close relationship with the 41-year-old Australian singer. (The two are also currently on tour.)

In fact, Ziegler, 14, admits she has even given her advice on boys.

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The advice? “Just to be myself and not try to impress the boy,” says the Maddie Diaries author.

As for what’s next, Ziegler says the duo are heading to the big screen. In her memoir, she revealed that the singer wants her to play a younger version of herself in a Sia biopic.

“We do have a movie,” Ziegler explains to PEOPLE Now. “We put it aside for a little bit because we’ve been on tour and stuff, but things will be happening in the future.”

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And once the project takes off, we can only imagine the stars that the dance prodigy will meet. She’s already filmed “Elastic Heart” with Shia LaBeouf.

“He’s like an older brother to me,” says Ziegler, who adds that even though she hasn’t “talked to him in a long time” the two are still “on good terms.”

“He was very protective when we were together,” she shares. “And it was really funny because he said to me on the second day: ‘Is there anything I need to bring in for the next rehearsal?’ And I was like ‘Well, maybe some towels, because you get really sweaty. And maybe a change of clothes,’ because it was really hot in that room. There was a part where I jump on his back and he was so sweaty that I literally slid off his back.”

Adds Ziegler: “He was so in it and he was so involved, which I really loved. He really was all about making everything perfect.”