The Grammy winner's tenth album, Ruby, is available now

By Eric Todisco
March 08, 2019 11:00 AM
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Macy Gray has won a Grammy, appeared in hit films, put out 10 albums and now, she’s even getting asked out in the grocery line!

The singer, 51, told PEOPLE about the simple yet successful life she has led since her 1999 breakout hit “I Try,” and that includes a recent date which originated in a grocery store.

“I met him at a grocery store,” Gray said. “He walked up me and said, ‘Hey, can I get your number?’ I was just so excited.” While the romance has since fizzled (“We had some fun,” she says with a laugh) the star is still impressed with her suitor’s confidence. “Nobody ever asks for my number!”

It has been 20 years since Gray’s smash hit “I Try” came out, earning her a Grammy in 2001.

Macy Gray at WDAS performance studio, Bala Cynwyd, USA - 09 Aug 2018
Macy Gray
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However, the singer wasn’t initially fond of the award-winning song. “I thought the chorus was too long,” she admitted. “I thought the chorus had too many words in it.”

Nonetheless, Gray’s hit-single put her on the map, but she didn’t stop there.

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Macy Gray
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Gray, who has appeared in several films such as Spider-Man, Scary Movie 3 and For Colored Girls, has had her share of ups and downs, but says she’s learned over time the importance of staying humble. “When people get fame or money, they get relaxed. You still have to follow the rules. You still have to present yourself as a good person. It all comes back to you.”

Macy Gray Ruby
Macy Gray

Gray’s tenth and most recent album, Ruby, was released in September 2018. So far, it has produced two singles, “White Man” and “Sugar Daddy.”

Along with her passion for music, Gray finds solace in her children, Aanisah, 24, Tahmel, 23, and Happy, 22. In fact: she now prefers that they continue to live with her.

Macy Gray

“My kids are cool, they are remarkable. We have a nice sized house, seven bedrooms. If they move out, I’m going to be paying for their rent anyway, so they might as well just stay.”

Outside of touring six months out of the year, and being a mom, Gray now prefers relaxing over nightlife. And she’s got a good reason: “I went to a club once, and my daughter was there,” she said. “After that, I was done going out.”