Lynda Carter Drops 'Fun, Edgy' Music Video for Cover of Rickie Lee Jones' Song 'Danny's All-Star Joint'

The Wonder Woman star released her five-track EP Unexpected in July and a new single “Human and Divine” in September

Lynda Carter.

Lynda Carter is bringing back a classic!

The Wonder Woman star, 70, gave PEOPLE an exclusive first look at the music video for her jazzy rendition of Rickie Lee Jones' classic song "Danny's All-Star Joint" on Thursday.

The seductive video showcases Carter in a variety of settings and outfits that give the song "a seriously flirty energy and sense of fun," according to the press release. The project was directed by Jason Crain.

"It was a blast to do from start to finish — Jason and I had a vibrant connection that really energized the shoot," Carter said in a statement. "We truly accomplished what we set out to make— a fun, edgy video with kitty coolness!"

Carter's cover of "Danny's All-Star" was released as part of her EP Unexpected in July, which also included other hits from the 20th century including "Take Me to the River" and "Crazy Little Thing Called Love." She produced the song with her longtime producer Kyle Lehning.

In September, Carter debuted her single "Human and Divine" which was inspired by Wonder Woman 1984 and the love of her husband Robert, who died in February after 37 years of marriage.

"It's trying to define love," Carter told American Songwriter. "If someone asked you to explain what it was, what would be the groups of words that you use to convey it. When you've lost someone, it takes on a whole new meaning because it's all you have left when it's all said and done."

She added, "It started out being in a group of lyrics that was about finding love, and while I was on my way flying over to do this part in Wonder Woman, I was thinking about really expanding this song into that idea. It's also about my husband and I, that I have was lucky enough to have this love."

Carter began her singing career in the 1970s with the release of her album Portraits. She went on release Last in 2010, Crazy Little Things in 2011 and Red, Rock n' Blues in 2018.

Lynda Carter. Jamie Hurtarte

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"It's so hit or miss where something will land, whether it's a movie, or a TV series, or a song, or an album," she told American Songwriter. "We're there doing our damnedest to produce something that someone wants to listen to, or wants to watch, and that's the magic of it. You hope they do, but you're just doing it for the love of the music."

Carter hopes to return to the stage with a Human & Divine Tour later this year.

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