Southern Hospitality: Ludacris Has Been Secretly Buying Shoppers' Groceries

The act of kindness prompted the grateful recipient to burst into "the worst possible white-woman rendition of 'Rollout (My Business),'" she joked

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In late July, a man who referred to himself as “just a guy” purchased $375 worth of groceries for Therra Gwyn Jaramillo, a freelance writer down on her luck.

Jaramillo, who in her time of need had received a Whole Foods gift card from a sympathetic friend, went to the grocery store dreaming of “hummus and fresh food,” she wrote on Facebook. In line to check out, a gracious individual in front of her footed the bill, sending her into a fit of tears.

Turns out the self-described average shopper was none other than Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Jaramillo’s cashier revealed after the rapper and actor left the store.

It was then Jaramillo promptly broke out into “the worst possible white-woman rendition of his hit ‘Rollout (My Business),'” she joked.

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The New York Times‘ Jonah Engel Bromwich got wind of the story and promptly began an investigation into the legitimacy and frequency of Ludacris’ trips to the grocery store — and his findings are rather remarkable.

Bromwich found well over 100 posts on social media documenting Ludacris’ trips to grocery stores — ranging from Meijer and Costco to Whole Foods – and locations traversing zip codes (or “Area Codes,” if you will).

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The sightings date back years, the Times reports.

If the flood of surfaced sightings is not enough, Ludacris’ longtime manager, Chaka Zulu, has confirmed both the recent $375 Whole Foods purchase and the artist’s altruistic grocery store habits.

“Funny thing. Luda does these things all the time, but he doesn’t want to do interviews to highlight it. It’s just his heart,” Zulu wrote to the Times.

That giving spirit has inspired Jaramillo as well. In the week since the story of their grocery store encounter went viral, Jaramillo has raised over $1,200 for The Ludacris Foundation.

“I know Luda doesn’t personally want the $375 back that he spent on my groceries, that was his kindness being a blessing. It was true generosity. I remain grateful,” she captioned a Facebook post. “But will you help me pay this good man back by supporting his foundation? It would make my birthday this year a celebration of the heart for me, and you’d be helping some fine folks do some mighty fine work.”

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