Marco Antonio Solis and Los Bukis to Reunite for First Time in 25 Years: 'This Is Historic'

The regional Mexican band, fronted by Marco Antonio Solis, will perform at three stadiums across the United States later this year. "We're going to have an incredible, first-class stage," Marco Antonio tells PEOPLE

Los Bukis
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Los Bukis are back!

During a press conference at SoFi Stadium Monday, the Mexican band — fronted by Marco Antonio Solís, 61 — announced that it will be reuniting for three stadium show stops across the United States, 25 years after originally dissolving.

For the first time, all seven original members — Solis brothers Marco Antonio, Jose Javier and Joel, along with Pepe and Roberto Guadarrama, Pedro Sanchez and "El Chivo" Cortez — will reunite and perform together for the first time in nearly three decades.

"This is historic for us," Marco Antonio tells PEOPLE. "Our public deserves it."

"It's our roots. The parents of young people listen to Los Bukis and connected with the sentiment and the songs, and perhaps the music is behind a lot of young people's births," Marco Antonio jokes about the band's romantic songs. "We feel good and all bring our own essence to the group."

The group also shared a special message for the Latino immigrants who'll form part of their stadium audience.

Los Bukis
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"We immigrated to the United States without papers on Dec. 12, 1977," Marco Antonio says. "We feel for the migrants. This issue needs to be addressed. Now, with what we went through with the pandemic, I hope that we can start talking about immigration reform again. It's time."

"We'd love to send a hug to the immigrants, because we've been through it too," he adds.

Los Bukis plan to solely return to the stage and say they have no plans of re-recording or re-releasing any of their music.

"We don't have plans to. We want to give people the same essence to the original songs — same sounds, mixes," Marco Antonio tells PEOPLE. "We haven't talked about re-recording. The public wants to hear the original songs. We're going to have an incredible, first-class stage."

The group — responsible for some of Latin music's biggest hits, including "Tu Carcel" and "Como Fui a Enamorarme De Ti" — teased a possible reunion earlier this year, when they performed together for a livestream concert to raise funds during the pandemic.

The group's tour will kick off on Aug. 27 at Los Angeles' SoFi Stadium, before heading to Chicago's Soldier Field on Sept. 4 and their final stop at Dallas' AT&T Stadium on Sept. 15. (The group is open to adding several stops to the tour.)

"When we reunited, there was a catharsis. We started in present love and that's what opened the doors to this," Marco Antonio said during a press conference. "For those with struggling relationships — with real love and forgiveness, you can heal anything."

"I truly wasn't planning to tour with them," Marco Antonio told Billboard. "It truly was an inspirational idea that came from that moment. Why not? It's another time in our lives, one of a lot of maturity. We're all different people now. And getting together was very interesting, very cool."

Originally founded in 1976, the group decided to disband in 1996. Solís went on to build a successful career as a solo aritst with tracks such as "Más Que Tu Amigo," "¿A Dónde Vamos a Parar?" and "Si No Te Hubieras Ido."

As a soloist, Solís has earned five Latin Grammy awards, including for "Tu Amor y Desprecio" in 2004, "No Molestar" and its matching album in 2009, "Tu Me Vuelves Loco" in 2011 and "De Mil Amores" in 2014.

Meanwhile, Los Bukis without Solís went on to become Los Mismos or "The Same Ones", releasing tracks like "Me Está Doliendo Dejarte" and "Qué Bonito."

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