Lizzo Stars in New Instacart Campaign — with a Cameo from Her Mom: 'Somebody Get This Girl a Reality Show'

Lizzo chats with PEOPLE about her new Instacart campaign, getting to play a bride again in her "2 Be Loved (Am I Ready)" music video and what makes her feel most confident these days

Lizzo Stars in New Instacart Campaign — With a Cameo From Her Mom: 'Somebody Get This Girl a Reality Show' The main campaign shot will not upload in asana so pasting link here:
Lizzo. Photo: Instacart

Lizzo fans are in for a treat — or treats — at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday.

Not only is the "About Damn Time" singer, 34, set to perform during the show, where she's nominated for four awards, but she'll also take over a commercial break when her Instacart commercial for their new "The World Is Your Cart" campaign premieres.

"I'm excited to show this side of myself," Lizzo recently told PEOPLE over Zoom, where her display name is fittingly "100% that bitch." "I don't really do partnerships that often, especially big ads like this. Normally you hear my music, but you don't really see me. It's going to be really cool to see myself in a commercial like this."

In the spot, Lizzo can be seen sitting in a bathtub using her Instacart app. As she adds items to her digital cart, her surroundings become increasingly fantastical, with cherries raining down upon her and a Takis sandstorm.

"I thought the creative was super fun," Lizzo says. "It felt very me. I was like, 'Oh, this actually sounds fun. I just get to sit in a bathtub? This is a dream come true!'"

The spot is set to a remix of her song "The Sign," off her new album Special. "I mean the lyric — 'If you're looking for the sign, this is it — was made for this. Come through and get your order," she says.

Lizzo Stars in New Instacart Campaign — With a Cameo From Her Mom: 'Somebody Get This Girl a Reality Show' The main campaign shot will not upload in asana so pasting link here:
Lizzo. Instacart

At the end of the video, Lizzo — still in her tub — is surrounded by people enjoying an Alice in Wonderland tea party of sorts. Among the group is the musician's mom, Shari Johnson-Jefferson.

"My mom has been asking me literally every week, 'When is it dropping? When is it dropping?,'" she says. "I'm not going to tell her because I want to surprise her. She's going to be watching the VMAs, and she's going to be like, 'Oh my God!'"

Whether this could be the beginning of a new career path for her mom, Lizzo jokes, "Somebody get this girl a reality show!"

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In addition to the commercial, Lizzo's Cart — a verified, official list of grocery items curated by the star herself — will be available on the Instacart app beginning on Thursday. Carts are browsable, shoppable product collections curated by pop culture personalities, retailers and creators so their fans and customers alike can shop their favorite products.

Along with cherries and Takis, of course, Lizzo's Cart features Ben & Jerry's Non-Dairy Cherry Garcia (one of her vegan favorites!), a light-up spike ball, Oreos, limes, flowers, Skittles, Impossible meat, bananas, lemons, Essentia water, Swiffer Dusters, Mrs. Meyer's dish soap, Perrier, Coca-cola, Clorox Disinfecting Wipes and her recent go-to, Uncrustables. "Something about it satisfies the inner-child," she quips.

As a frequent user of the Instacart app, Lizzo says this partnership made perfect sense.

"When we were on lockdown during the [COVID-19] pandemic, I leaned heavily on Instacart," she says. "It really came through and helped people keep safe when we were in uncertain times."

Lizzo Stars in New Instacart Campaign

Not only has Lizzo been busy with the new Instacart campaign as of late, she's also been hard at work on her shapewear line, Yitty.

"I'm wearing Yitty right now, the new body butter collection, which is like shorts and this cute tank top with a turtleneck," she says. "The fabrics, there's something in the fabric that really holds you in, but also does elicit emotion out of you, like a feeling. It feels creamy and good. I've gotten a lot of comments from my family, like my sister was like, 'I put on your shaping panty and went to a festival and was like, "There's absolutely no way I can wear shapewear all day. It's going to get uncomfortable. But it never got uncomfortable."' Little things like that just really validate me as a CEO and a business owner. It means more than anything."

Earlier this month, Lizzo also released the music video for her song "2 Be Loved (Am I Ready)," which she'll perform at the VMAs. In it, she recreates the wedding scene from her 2017 music video for "Truth Hurts."

"I was more moved than I thought I would be because when I walked on set, I was like, 'Holy s---, I'm having flashbacks,'" she says. "It looked so similar to when we shot it in 2017, and it is kind of emblematic of how far I've come and being able to tell the second part of this story and just get wacky with it was fun to do. It makes work not feel like work."

Getting to wear the wedding dress and "pretend to be a bride" again, Lizzo says, was also "fun."

"Jumping in the pool in a wedding dress, I recommend everyone try it," she adds with a laugh.

Asked what makes her feel most confident and beautiful these days, Lizzo says "moving."

"I've been dancing a lot more, and I've been taking a lot more walks, and it has really improved my mental health and the way that I feel about myself," she says. "I don't know. Something about sweating and smiling and breathing hard, it just feels sexy."

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