Lizzo is currently the cover model for ELLE's Women in Music-themed October issue

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Lizzo wasn’t quite feeling “good as hell” on Thursday.

The singer, who was featured on the cover of ELLE‘s Women in Music-themed October issue, along with Billie Eilish and Camila Cabello, had to miss out on the magazine’s celebratory party after she came down with an illness.

ELLE‘s Editor-In-Chief Nina Garcia let partygoers know that Lizzo, 31, had developed a sinus infection and could not attend Thursday’s festivities per her doctors’ orders.

However, that didn’t stop Lizzo from making an appearance at the party in another way.

The star decided to personally notify all the guests about her illness through a video message that was played at the party but made sure to also express her gratitude for being on the cover.

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“Hey, y’all, coming to you live from my bed,” she said through sniffles. “I wanna thank you guys so, so much for putting me on the cover. Sharing the cover with those amazing women, Camila and Billie.”

“Being on the cover of ELLE magazine is a big, big f— deal. You know what I’m saying?” she continued. “I definitely wish I could be there, but you know, I am sick. So, I just want to extend a thank you to Nina and extend a thank you to everyone present.”

In true Lizzo fashion, the singer closed out her message by asking the partygoers to do something that she was currently unable to do because of her sickness: enjoy some booze.

“I know y’all having fun right now, so please have a drink for me. Bitch, all I’m drinking is tea and water,” she joked. “But I love you guys. Thank you so much for celebrating women, celebrating music and celebrating me.”

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Lizzo’s bout of sickness comes after a particularly exciting few weeks, in which the star garnered four nominations at the MTV Video Music Awards (and gave a show-stopping performance in front of an inflatable butt), saw her hit “Truth Hurts” earn the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 List, and of course graced the cover of ELLE.

Despite her many successes, the breakout artist — born Melissa Jefferson — said she wasn’t always so confident about her talents or communicating her feelings.

In her ELLE cover story, Lizzo explained how she grew up an insecure child, always wanting to perform in groups because she didn’t feel her look was accepted enough to be a frontwoman — that she “was inadequate” or “wasn’t enough.”

While her upbeat bops have since become female-empowerment anthems, Lizzo revealed that her “songs feel happy, but they come from a sad or frustrated place” and that she wasn’t always comfortable sharing such personal stories.

“I was the worst communicator, emotionally, when I was younger,” she told ELLE. “I would stop talking to my family; I would stop talking to my friends. I would go deeper and deeper into that dark place, and the deeper I went, the harder it was to reach out of it.”

Lizzo at the VMAs
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As time went on, she became more vocal about her feelings, even opening up about her depression on Instagram in June, which quickly sparked supportive messages from her fans.

The rapper said it has been “revolutionary” learning to communicate her feelings, especially after watching “Truth Hurts,” which debuted nearly two years ago, hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. (She is only the sixth female rapper to hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, according to Billboard.)

Today, Lizzo, whose third studio album Cuz I Love You released in April, makes a major point in the music industry to be unapologetically herself and a “self-love” role model for women around the world.

“I take it seriously because when I was younger, I wanted to change everything about myself,” she explained. “I didn’t love who I was. And the reason I didn’t love who I was is because I was told I wasn’t lovable by the media, by [people at] school, by not seeing myself in beauty ads, by not seeing myself in television … by lack of representation.”

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“My self-hatred got so bad that I was fantasizing about being other people,” she continued. “But you can’t live your life trying to be somebody else. What’s the point?”

Lizzo also added that she is already grateful for the success she’s had, and told ELLE she is working on new music for 2020.

“I’ve been touring for a long time — why would that stop?” she said. “I’m gonna continue to do that forever.”

ELLE’s Women in Women in Music-themed October issue hits newsstands Sept. 24.