This is LIVVIA's third single after releasing "Catch a Body" alongside Quavo

By Tomás Mier
October 29, 2018 09:50 AM
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LIVVIA is breaking through in the music industry.

Dropping the music video for her single “Damn,” the 24-year-old spoke with PEOPLE about her newest music video.

“‘Damn’ is an empowering song about making the right decision to leave a relationship even though it won’t be easy, but it’s also a very nostalgic song,” she tells PEOPLE exclusively. “The video plays off this nostalgia, and especially the line ‘wish we could start over but we can’t,’ by telling a love story in reverse: we start with the breakup and end with the first time they see each other.”

The video shows LIVVIA alongside her love interest as they go through a relationship in reverse.

“It’s a powerful juxtaposition of a breakup song and a montage of the blissful beginning stages of a relationship,” she adds.

A scene from the video
| Credit: LIVVIA/Youtube

LIVVIA led the creative direction of her video — she chose the location, clothing and props featured in “Damn.”

Following the release of her collaboration with Migos’ Quavo, “Catch a Body,” and dance hit “Gratitude,” LIVVIA is excited to share the video which she said is filled with some of her best friends, her favorite place to surf and her “friend’s amazing surfing dog — the real star of the show!”

“True love’s kiss 💋 always miss my babe the most when I’m on the road!” the songwriter posted about her friend’s dog on Thursday.

The California native recently graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in economics and is now pursuing her passion for music. Her song “Catch a Body” has garnered over 3 million plays on Spotify.

The music video for “Damn” is now available on YouTube.