Lindsay Lohan Just Released First Song in 11 Years — and She Gets Real About 'Social Anxiety'

Lindsay Lohan's new single comes 11 years after releasing her last song, "Bossy," in 2008

Lindsay Lohan is back on the music scene — and she’s not holding anything back.

Her latest song “Xanax,” which the signer released with a music video on Instagram Tuesday, gives fans a glimpse into Lohan’s struggles.

The 33-year-old reality star and actress sings about having “social anxiety.”

She begins the EDM-tinged club track with “I don’t like the parties in L.A., I go home, in a bad mood, pass out, wake up alone, just to do it all over again,” as a video of people skateboarding plays.

Continuing, Lohan sings, “I can’t be in this club, it’s too crowded and I’m f—”

Lohan also opens up about her mental health in the chorus of the song.

“I got social anxiety, but you’re like Xanax to me,” the former Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club star sings. “I got social anxiety, when you kiss me I can’t breathe.”

The music video for the song with Alma, who has collaborated with Miley Cyrus, features a “compilation of vignettes of life,” Lohan explained in her caption.

“Family, love, the process of moving forward and letting go of the past. To live and be happy, free of fear. Just to be grateful and open our eyes to our opportunities instead of numbing the mind,” she added of the video filled with past footage of herself.

“Xanax” marks Lohan’s first song since she released “Bossy” in 2008. Before then, she dropped two albums: Speak in 2004 and A Little More Personal (RAW) in 2005. Her song “Rumors” from Speak has garnered over seven million plays on Spotify.

Lohan — who is set to be a judge on the Australian version of The Masked Singer — has been hinting at new music since May, when she shared two photos of herself in the studio.

In June, she signed a record deal with Casablanca Records following the end of her MTV series Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club.

Later in the summer, she captioned a photo in front of Republic Records, which owns Casablanca, writing, “yep! 🎵 time”, signaling the restart of her music career.

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