Lil Nas X Faces Jailtime Over Satan Shoes (and Being Gay) in Teaser Video for 'Industry Baby'

Posting mug shots and sharing 2-minute-long video, Lil Nas X announced his newest single "Industry Baby," co-produced by Kanye West and Take a Daytrip

Free our homie, Lil Nas X!

After alluding to a court date related to his controversial Satan Shoes for several days on social media, Lil Nas X, 22, shared a video on Friday announcing his single "Industry Baby" featuring Jack Harlow with a video where he pokes fun at the shoe drama (and his sexuality).

Playing every main character, the video starts with the judge FaceTiming his girlfriend saying, "I'm bored. I'll call you back. I'm doing this little court case with Nike and this little gay n—."

The camera then pans to Lil Nas X, the defendant, and his court-appointed attorney, also played by Lil Nas. "My client Lil Nash, what's your name again? My client Lil Nasty had nothing to do with this," the attorney says as the jury passes around the Satan Shoe.

Lil Nas X video
Lil Nas X/Twitter

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is much more than shoes," says Lil Nas X as the prosecutor. "Mr. Nas X, are you gay?"

"What does this have to do with the shoes?" asks Lil Nas X, the defendant. "I'll rephrase the question," says the prosecutor. "Do yo momma know you gay?"

Lil Nas then responds with a clear "yes" as the crowd gasps. The judge then orders the singer to "five years in Montero State Prison." (For being gay?)

Then, the screen transitions to a title card announcing "Industry Baby," which was co-produced by Kanye West and Take a Daytrip, and is set to release on Friday.

"Damn how many roles does this n— got?" the title credit ends.

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"Industry Baby" is the first follow-up to his track "Montero (Call Me By Your Name)," which he performed at the BET Awards late last month and shared a kiss with a dancer on stage.

Responding to a hater criticizing his "sexual" performance, Lil Nas X made it clear he's going to just keep being himself, even if he wants to wear a dress.

"y'all hate yourselves so much. y'all live your lives trying your best to appease straight ppl," he wrote. "y'all are uncomfortable with what i do because y'all are afraid they will be uncomfortable with you. work on yourselves."

As for the Satan Shoes, Nike and MSCHF settled the lawsuit out of court in April.

"As part of the settlement, Nike has asked MSCHF, and MSCHF has agreed, to initiate a voluntary recall to buy back any 'Satan Shoes' and 'Jesus Shoes' for their original retail prices, in order to remove them from circulation," Nike said in a statement to PEOPLE then.

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