Lil Jon Makes You Snap Yo Fingers with a New Christmas Track — Featuring the Kool-Aid Man!

The rapper teamed up with the Kool-Aid Man for the Christmas hip-hop song, released on Monday


It’s the Christmas song we never knew we needed!

With only a week remaining before the anticipated holiday, Lil Jon dropped a festive new track on Monday to add to your Christmas playlist. Staying true to the 46-year-old rapper’s rowdy style, “All I Really Want For Christmas” merges hip-hop with the holidays.

In the festive video, Lil Jon — who collaborated with the Kool-Aid Man — dances around with the giant jug of fruit punch and Santa.

The rapper also makes sure to rep his Kool-Aid pal and dumps eggnog into the sink to be replaced by the nostalgic red drink.

Later on, the pair pull some fresh Kool-Aid Man cookies out of the oven and even open presents — which, of course, is a Kool-Aid Man Christmas sweater.

Since it wouldn’t be complete without it, they are also plenty of “Yeahs” and “Oh Yeahs!” throughout the tune — a signature catchphrase for both Lil Jon and the Kool-Aid Man.

“Kool-Aid man you ready for Christmas?/Oh, yeah!/All I really want, really want for Christmas/All I really want, really want for Christmas/All I really want, really want for Christmas/Is everything on my list, baby, yeah!” Lil Jon sings.

Since releasing the song, the Internet has gone crazy over the dream Christmas collaboration, even claiming that the pair “saved” the holiday.

“Lil Jon and the Koolaid man really saved Christmas,” one user wrote.

“Honestly. Christmas really came early,” another person wrote. “@LilJon you are a gift.”

“Look… this is the present we deserved this Christmas,” added another user.

Lil Jon is not the only rapper to star on his own Christmas hit.

Rappers including Fetty Wap, DMX, Ludacris, Gucci Mane, Ying Yang Twins, Westside Connection, and Jim Jones have all created their own incredibly catchy versions of Christmas rap songs.

Kanye West, Run D.M.C., and Chance the Rapper with Jeremih have also been featured on their own holiday hits.

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In addition to working on the Kool-Aid collaboration, Lil Jon recently partnered with Pencils of Promise to open his second school in Ghana.

The school, which opened a year after the first one in Oct. 2017, was created to help 313 children in the Mafi Atitekpo village gain a proper education, CNN reported.

In total, Lil Jon donated $70,000 to help open both schools in Ghana.

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