WATCH: LeToya Luckett Is Back with Teaser Trailer for New Single 'Back 2 Life'

The former Destiny's Child member tells PEOPLE in an exclusive interview that she "got to fall in love with myself all over again"

LeToya Luckett is back!

The former Destiny’s Child member is set to release her new single “Back 2 Life” from her first album in seven years, telling PEOPLE in an exclusive interview that she “got to fall in love with myself all over again.”

“As women, we go through so many changes and on this album I let it out,” the 35-year-old singer says. “I talk about my growth and listening back I can hear it. I can hear that growth.”

Luckett revealed the album was created at an important time of her life, and that she hopes other women who have been in relationships can identify with.

“[It] doesn’t matter what relationship, mom to kids, to husband — this record is that ‘me time,'” she says. “That’s why I wanted to go with the record.”

When she hasn’t been spending time in the recording studio working on Until Then, she’s been juggling work as an actress. Luckett has appeared in Ballers with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Killers with Ashton Kutcher and, most recently, as legendary pop and R&B singer Dionne Warwick in the upcoming biopic, Dionne.

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“I’m an actress now, as well,” she says. “I was leaving the set and going to the studio, still working on the album. I just didn’t want to come out with anything. I really wanted to take my time with it.”

Luckett spent five years working on the album, taking her time discovering the music and making sure it met her vision.

“It’s like therapy for me, going in there and writing records and pouring my heart out,” she says. “It’s something I had to learn how to do. Sometimes, it was a little too close to home, but then I was like, ‘Nah, there are real people going through that and they can relate.'”

The singer and actress opened up about her relationship with Beyoncé, whom she describes as “superwoman.”

“I’m so proud of her and I tell her every time I see her,” Luckett reveals. “It takes a lot of courage to be able to step out and do it your way and not care about how people are going to feel about it.”

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Until Then is an R&B album, she says, but has an alternative angle, as well. She recently wrapped up three short videos for singles, one of which depicts the ups and downs of a relationship with her leading man, Thomas Q. Jones.

“I hope people can listen to the album and hear my heart,” she says. “For me, I get healing from music. I want people to experience that. It’s not about being liked, not about the approval. It’s about the experience and pouring my heart. I just want people to hear my heart and that’s it.”

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