Lenny Kravitz Talks 'Tight' Friendship with Ex Lisa Bonet's Husband Jason Momoa: 'Love This Dude'

PEOPLE has an exclusive sneak peek at Kravitz' appearance on the cover of Men's Health

With Lenny Kravitz, it's all about love.

Chatting with Men's Health for their latest cover story, Kravitz opens up about his friendship with none other than his ex-wife Lisa Bonet's husband: actor Jason Momoa. (And PEOPLE has an exclusive look at the cover!)

“People can't believe how tight Jason and I are, or how tight I still am with [daughter] Zoë’s mom, how we all relate," the 56-year-old tells the outlet. "We just do it because that's what you do. You let love rule, right?"

"I mean, obviously, after a breakup, it's work — it takes some work and time, healing and reflection, et cetera," he adds. "But as far as Jason and I? Literally the moment we met, we were like, 'Oh, yeah. I love this dude.'"

Lenny Kravitz Men's Health
Mark Seliger for Men’s Health
Lenny Kravitz Men's Health
Lenny Kravitz on the cover of Men's Health. Mark Seliger for Men’s Health
Lenny Kravitz Men's Health
Lenny Kravitz. Mark Seliger for Men’s Health

Kravitz and Bonet, 52, divorced in 1993 after being married for six years. Bonet married Momoa, 41, in 2017 after dating since 2005.

Also in the interview, Kravitz spoke highly of his daughter Zoë Kravitz, 31, whom he described as one of his heroes.

"Zoë—she's the most real person I know," he says. "It wasn't easy, I'm sure, but she's just forged her way with elegance, you know? Just having two parents who were known in the world. The comparisons. She didn't let any of that hinder her in any way.”

As for his secret to looking so young? "Your state of mind— that's so important," he says. "Are you living your life doing something you love or doing something you can't stand?"

At the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the rockstar fled to the Bahamas from his Paris home assuming it would last just a few weeks.

"I've been living out of this weekend bag for almost five and a half months," he says.

"It's a beautiful thing to really realize what you don't need," he adds. (He's only allowed to leave his Eleuthera property to get food on certain days.) "If I have to stay here another five months, five years, I'm good.”

Lenny Kravitz Men's Health
Lenny Kravitz. Mark Seliger for Men’s Health
Lenny Kravitz Men's Health
Lenny Kravitz. Mark Seliger for Men’s Health

Kravitz' appearance on the cover of Men's Health comes just days before the release of his memoir Let Love Rule on Oct. 6. The book delves into the first 25 years of his life through the release of his album of the same name.

He calls writing the book an "enormous therapy session." In it, Kravitz recalls how his father told him "you'll do it too" after he cheated on his mom.

"Those four words, man, affected me more than I knew. There were times in my life where that was very difficult, and I didn’t understand why," he tells the magazine. "I love my father, and we made peace before he died, but I held on to some things that had affected me in our relationship, and through writing the book… I was able to strip away some of the judgment that I had held on to and got to just see him as a human being."

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In the book, he also writes how his ex-wife influenced him to become more authentic to himself.

"The voice I was looking for, the name, the image, was already there. It was the first time I'd opened up like that, and had known love like that, and freedom," he says of Bonet. "And watching her do what she did, how she maneuvered, in her artistic life—it was that last thing I needed, on this road."

"This sound, this message, this movement that I was looking for—I heard it in my head. That's the way I still work to this day," he adds. "I wait until I hear it in my head. That takes my ego out of it. It may not be what you thought you were looking for, but it's what you get."

Kravitz' cover story with Men's Health is on newsstands Oct. 20.

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