LeAnn Rimes stopped by PEOPLE Now Thursday where she opened up about her relationship with her mother in a tearful interview

By Dave Quinn
February 02, 2017 02:20 PM
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LeAnn Rimes‘ new album Remnants might as well have been called “Repair” for how much it helped the 34-year-old singer work through some of her toughest issues.

“Big things were healed in this record,” Rimes told PEOPLE Now on Thursday, reflecting on some of the past rumors that have persisted throughout the years. “I think it’s about rising from all of that. I’m past it — way past it. That’s not a part of my life anymore. I really am more confident and centered.”

One track on the album, “Mother,” particularly helped Rimes move past some the struggles she had with her mom, Belinda Butler Rimes.

“[It] was a very healing thing to write,” she explained. “It’s all about acceptance and healing this generational pain that’s passed down from mothers and grandmothers.”

The two have an “interesting relationship” and Rimes said she was angry with her mother when the songwriting process began — feeling as though they would never be able to get to a place where they truly understood each other.

But all that changed about two weeks later. “Something happened with my step-son, and I felt one-tenth of wanting to protect my kid the way she wanted to protect me,” Rimes said. “And I started crying. I was texting my mom like, ‘Oh my God, I understand now and I totally accept you for who you are.’ ”

The song is still difficult for Rimes to sing and talk about. She even got emotional recounting its opening lyric. “The first line gets me,” she said, tearing up. ” ‘You know I want the best for you as you’ve always wanted for me.’ I think — I just want my mom happy.”

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Rimes gifted the song to her mother for Mother’s Day. And though they didn’t listen to it together, Rimes said her mom texted her afterwards, writing “I’ve been wanting to hear this for so long.”

“It’s an amazing gift to be able to give her through music,” Rimes said. “I feel like the pain kind of stops with me. I hope I don’t pass on that generational pain. We talk more and we’re both accepting of each other a lot more and it’s really beautiful. It was divine order in that way.”

Remnants is out now.