'Coyote Ugly' 2.0! LeAnn Rimes Dances on the Bar Just Like the 2000 Movie

LeAnn Rimes shared a funny photo of herself and her friends on Instagram recreating a scene from her 2000 film Coyote Ugly on Wednesday

LeAnn Rimes is bringing back a classic.

The singer, 35, shared a funny photo of herself and her friends on Instagram Wednesday recreating a scene from her 2000 film Coyote Ugly.

“This is what happens when your friends at @kemosabe1990 in Aspen move locations and open up a bad ass private bar upstairs and then turn on Can’t Fight The Moonlight. No one could resist! Coyote Ugly 2.0!” Rimes captioned the photo.

The scene in question starred Piper Perabo, Maria Bello and Bridget Moynahan dancing on the tabletop of the New York City bar among their customers. The film’s theme song, “Can’t Fight the Moonlight,” was written by Dianne Warren and recorded by Rimes.

The song reached No. 11 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Since Coyote Ugly, Rimes has performed songs for other films such as Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde, Evan Almighty, and Logan Lucky.

Leann Rimes Instagram

Rimes married actor Eddie Cibrian in 2011 and revealed how they kept their marriage healthy and happy in February.

“It just works,” she said of their marriage.

“We respect each other; respect is a big deal, and once you lose that, you’ve kind of lost everything,” she said. “He’s a wonderful father and a really good man. He’s kind to me, and I reciprocate.”

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