Lana Del Rey Claps Back at Mesh Mask Criticism amid Pandemic: It 'Had Plastic on the Inside'

"And I don't glamorize tough relationships. Relationships can just be tough. Period," Del Rey tweeted after the college newspaper article referred to criticism about her glamorizing abusive and toxic relationships

Lana Del Rey Instagram
Lana Del Rey. Photo: Lana Del Rey Instagram

Lana Del Rey is defending her decision to wear a mesh-style face mask to a book signing last month.

Responding to a The Michigan Daily opinion article about her being on "the chopping block" of cancel culture, the star, 35, clarified that her mask had adequate protection from acquiring or spreading the coronavirus amid the pandemic.

"Great article. The mask had plastic on the inside," she tweeted on Tuesday night, replying to the student newspaper. "They’re commonly sewn in by stylists these days. I don’t generally respond to articles because I don’t care. But there ya go. Same goes for everyone’s masks in my video. I’m lucky enough to have a team of people who can do that."

In another tweet after a fan said it "took you long enough" to address the mask controversy, Del Rey told fans that she doesn't have time to respond to critics because she's busy making music.

She wrote, "Bro I’m working on 2 albums and excitedly and happily donating a million dollars throughout the nation. If I responded to everything I would be 🤷🏻‍♂️.."

Lana Del Rey attends the Pre-GRAMMY Gala and GRAMMY Salute to Industry Icons Honoring Sean "Diddy" Combs at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 25, 2020
Lana Del Rey. Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic

Along with the mask mention, the Michigan Daily article referred to people criticizing Del Rey for glamorizing "abusive and toxic relationships" in her music and that she had been accused of "being a secret 'Trump supporter.'" The "Love You Like a Woman" artist also had a response to that.

"Again not that I believe it’s anyone’s business at all, but I made it clear who I voted for," she wrote in her second tweet. (Del Rey previously slammed the claim.)

"And I don’t glamorize tough relationships. Relationships can just be tough. Period," she added. "Every other singer sings about the same damn thing. Always have, Probably always will. Thanks stay tuned."

Fans rallied with the singer after the clapback.

One person replied to her tweet writing, "QUEEN WE KNOW UR BUSY ITS BETTER LATE THAN NEVER. SHE JUSTIFIED HERSELF." Another chimed in, "Gurl u DID THAT." A third Twitter user added, "We love you, thank you for responding to what you can."

Two days after the L.A. event where she wore the mesh-style mask in October, Del Rey posted a video of herself on Instagram wearing what appeared to be a full coverage leopard-print one.

"Finally wearing a proper mask," one user commented. A second user added, "Awww, you saw ur mistake and made a change 💖."

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