First stop for Lady Gaga: Music City!

By Megan Kuharich
Updated October 12, 2016 09:40 AM
Bud Light X Lady Gaga Dive Bar Tour At The 5 Spot In Nashville, TN
Credit: Rick Diamond/Getty

Life isn’t a cabaret. It’s a dive bar, and Lady Gaga is living the dream.

The “Perfect Illusion” songstress kicked off her Bud Light x Lady Gaga Dive Bar Tour at the 5 Spot in Nashville on Wednesday. The performance ran just over three hours, with down time in between sets (Yes, Gaga performed not one, but TWO shows). Here are five highlights from the electrifying night:

1. The secretly hip venue—which regularly guests on a hit TV show.

Credit: Rick Diamond/Getty

The 5 Spot – one of Nashville’s most understated stages – may only fit 150 people, but the bar’s no stranger to celebrity guests. The tavern is a popular filming location for the hit show Nashville, meaning its sound system is up to speed even if the interior décor makes you think otherwise.

2. The country-rock tinged outfits.

Credit: Rick Diamond/Getty

The 30-year-old arrived onstage wearing an embellished Manuel Couture jacket and matching pink cowboy hat—an iconic look for the natives of Nashville. Gaga then showed off her cheeky posterior later in the show, donning metallic shorts and an underboob cropped tee.

3. The world premiere of several tracks from Joanne.

Mother Monster provided her Little Monsters with a sneak peek of tracks off of her upcoming album, Joanne. The songs “Sinner’s Prayer,” “A-YO,” “Million Reasons,” and the title tune were given their very first live run-throughs, as was the album’s lead single, “Perfect Illusion.”

4. The groundbreaking technology that helps the hearing-impaired rock out in a whole new way.

Lady Gaga always goes the extra mile to make sure that her performances are inclusive to people of all kinds — and Wednesday’s back-to-back sets were no exception! Fifteen hearing-impaired individuals, representing the group Not Impossible, were welcomed and given a custom vest, wristbands and ankle bands that vibrated in time with the music.

“This type of technology is perfect for the electronic music scene,” Not Impossible founder Mick Ebeling told PEOPLE. “You feel it in a unique way, and everyone is able to feel the same music whether you can hear or can’t hear. We’re trying to make it for all people, not just the hearing impaired.”

In addition to the gear, each song was performed in sign language by superstar interpreter Amber Gallego, who has signed at nearly 400 major concerts.

5. The surprise second performance for hardcore fans.

Bud Light X Lady Gaga Dive Bar Tour At The 5 Spot In Nashville, TN
Credit: Rick Diamond/Getty

The pop icon returned to the stage early Thursday morning to play a second show for an audience selected from the tireless crowd waiting outside the venue. The fans were buzzing as they were hand-plucked to enter the private show. “When she first came through, I got to touch her,” said one fan between tears of happiness. “But now I get to see her and, oh my God—there are no words. She cares so much more about her fans than anything else, and I adore that.”