"I know this is cheesy ... but ladygaga.turbovote.org is easy," she playfully sang

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga
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Lady Gaga wants you to cast your vote in this election — and she's using her platform to make that clear.

Early Thursday, the pop star, 34, released what she jokingly called her "new single" in a video she shared on her Twitter.

"I know this is cheesy 🤓 ... but http://ladygaga.turbovote.org is easy," she captioned the post. "This is my new single 😂 Don’t give up ... It’s important your voice is heard!"

Sporting a pink sweater paired with her glasses, she began," Hi, this is Stefani Germanotta, otherwise known as Lady Gaga, and I wrote a single about voting."

Playing the piano she kicked off the ballad, "Do you know how to vote / I know a place you can go / It's called turbovote.org."

She continued after spelling the website for her fans' convenience, "They'll help you register / Inform you how to vote / Help tell you where to go / I know some of you still don't know."

Finishing up the tune she sang: "Have your state [ID] or driver's license / They'll need your name and birthday / And, so you all avoid a mess / Have the last four digits of your social security number / And you'll need your home address / I know this is cheesy / But turbovote.org is easy."

Gaga is among the many stars urging fans to exercise their right to vote during this crucial time as the coronavirus pandemic has caused some drastic changes in the way Americans vote.

On Wednesday, the 11-time Grammy winner posted a chart graphic with informative information.

"There are over 20 states with voter registration still open!" she announced in her Twitter post. "Have you registered yet? Let’s all VOTE! 🗳 ladygaga.turbovote.org."

The day prior, Gaga shared an additional video on her Twitter further advising her followers to take initiative this year.

She captioned the post: "If anyone else is NERVOUS ABOUT THIS ELECTION, I found this site turbovote.org where it's SUPER EASY to check voter registration, make a plan on how to vote, and sign up for reminders!! ([It's] my favorite) 21 days until Election Day! Just sign up, and you're set!"

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Lady Gaga
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"For the next 21 days, I want to talk to you as Stefani," she said in the recording. "It's with that name that I'm gonna vote early in California on my ballot."

"I know that I couldn't have imagined the world being the way that it is right now [or] this country being the way that it is right now," she emphasized. "I think a lot of you feel that way too, but I don't want to put words in your mouth."

"This is a very difficult, interesting and also charged time, but even though it's hard and overwhelming for so many reasons ... I want you to feel encouraged in that we need you here. Your voice matters and I want to make you feel happy in remembering that your vote matters too, and it's coming up soon."

"It's in November, Nov. 3, Election Day," she reminded her followers.