Lady Gaga Revives Her Club Kid Era for 'Teenage Dirtbag' TikTok Trend... and Wheatus Approves!

"I had to," Lady Gaga captioned a TikTok video of herself singing to Wheatus' "Teenage Dirtbag" before unleashing a trove of throwback photos from her club kid days in New York City

Lady Gaga Revives Her Club Kid Era as She Joins 'Teenage Dirtbag' TikTok Trend: 'I Had To'.
Photo: Lady Gaga /TikTok

Lady Gaga is reconnecting with Stefani Germanotta.

The Grammy Award winner, 36, relived her club kid days and the dawn of her career as she joined the nostalgia-fueled "Teenage Dirtbag" TikTok trend with a series of aughts throwback photos.

"I had to," Gaga captioned the clip, which began with her walking through her bathroom in a grey crop top and bleached hair and eyebrows, while singing the 2000 Wheatus song.

She then included a slideshow of photos from the early years of her career, before releasing her 2008 debut album The Fame, as she rocked dark brown hair and donned some risqué party girl looks around the clubs and streets of New York City.

"Just Stefani…." Gaga added in a comment, referencing her birth name.

The Chromatica artist's montage even earned a seal of approval from Wheatus themselves. "SOS. Lady Gaga shattered us into a million pieces. We will never recover from this. Who knew there was such a thing as too much happy?" the band wrote in a comment.

Gaga previously spoke to PEOPLE about her early years and her journey to fame as it relates to her character Ally in the 2018 remake of A Star Is Born.

"What intrigued me about Ally is she was nothing like I was when I started," she said in 2018. "When I wanted to become a singer and decided that I was going to really hit the pavement and try to make it, I really believed in myself. I was intrigued by her vulnerability."

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"I was bullied and made fun of for having big dreams," Gaga added, noting that she tended to act out at her elite private Catholic school: "I was a such a bad kid… a f—ing nightmare."

To play Ally, Gaga said she had to go "back further into my childhood, into my high school years," adding: "That's where I went ... to be vulnerable, to be my authentic self."

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