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October 06, 2017 07:17 PM

Lady Gaga is a real life superhero.

The “Born This Way” singer, 31, shared an inspiring message on Instagram Friday, after finding out that a friend’s daughter was being bullied at school.

“Hi everybody at El Marino Elementary. This is Lady Gaga. I’m friends with Venice and I work with Venice’s mommy, Julie,” the singer says in the video. “I’m really, really sad to hear that Venice is being bullied at school.”

“I work a lot in the space of anti-bullying and I have learned that this can really change the growth and happiness of children all over the world,” she continued. “So, I encourage you all to be kind to one another and to search within your community for bravery.”

“Sometimes, it’s hard to stand up to the popular kids,” Gaga says. “Be kinder. Be braver. Go and sit with Venice and have lunch. Be a rebel.”

Madison + vine/Staples

In June, the singer told PEOPLE she was committed to bringing awareness to all types of bullying, including cyberbullying.

“We’re in a very negative time with everything that happens on social media and on the internet and text messaging — all these things that these kids are having to deal with growing up,” the Grammy winner said. “Imagine how those kids must feel that are in high school or grade school or even younger, and they are getting these messages that are upsetting that make them feel unsafe in school — to have their minds filled up with something other than what they’re studying, which is what they should be focused on.”

Gaga also met with students from Walter Reed Middle School in Hollywood in early June, where she filmed a campaign video and discussed the kids’ every day classroom challenges.

Since she rose to fame, the singer has been a fierce LGTBQ advocate and with her mother has championed equality and acceptance via their foundation.

“This is an important time, on all fronts,” she said. “And this starts in the classroom, it really does.”

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