Lady Gaga Reveals Her First Celebrity Crush — and It Might Surprise You

You never forget your first — celebrity crush, that is

You never forget your first — celebrity crush, that is.

Lady Gaga played a round of Burning Questions during her Thursday appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she spilled the truth about her favorite body part (nose), favorite way to sleep (nude), and so much more.

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But perhaps the most interesting revelation came when DeGeneres asked the 32-year-old Mother Monster about the first Hollywood heartthrob to get her pulse racing. Rather than going the more traditional George Clooney-esque leading man route, Gaga admitted that her first celebrity crush was Adrien Brody. DeGeneres then admitted that hers was late King of Pop Michael Jackson.

Gaga also opened up about her big screen role in the upcoming remake of A Star Is Born, which hits theaters Friday, Oct. 5. While the part required her to go back to her natural brunette hair color, she admits that her return to blonde was a swift one — in fact, she dyed it back the very night she finished shooting!

“I literally dyed my hair blonde the night that we stopped shooting because I wanted to get out of it as soon as possible because there is — without giving away the end of the film — there is some tremendous emotion and tragedy, so I wanted to get her out, but to be honest, she’s still in here,” Gaga recalled as she pointed to her heart.

She also told the host about her off-screen relationship with Bradley Cooper and how quickly they bonded. “He makes you feel comfortable right away, and he’s such a loving and caring person,” Gaga said. “We’re both from the East coast, we’re both Italian, so before I knew it, I was heating up leftovers in the kitchen and feeding him. We were talking about life.”

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The Grammy winner continued, “And then we started to sing together at the piano, a song by Creedence Clearwater Revival, ‘Midnight Special,’ and I heard his voice and I stopped dead in my tracks and I said, ‘Oh my gosh, Bradley, you can sing.’ He sings from his soul.”

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