'Euphoria' Composer Labrinth Says He's an 'Impulsive' Person as He Releases Haunting Season 2 Score

The full-length Euphoria season 2 score is out now

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Labrinth. Photo: Daniel Prakopcyk

Labrinth, the mastermind behind the music in the hit teen drama Euphoria — which took 2022 by storm — is walking fans through his creative process.

To mark the release of the show's official full-length season 2 score, Labrinth, 33, spoke to PEOPLE about the behind-the-scenes work that went into making the album, working with the cast and how this experience inspired him altogether.

Following an impressive season, Euphoria fans have been eagerly awaiting this release to experience the show's music all over again — with a few pleasant surprises. After seeing the fan reactions on social media, the musician hopes that fans can see the impact this process left on him and in turn, experience it for themselves.

"Euphoria has been a massive shift for me creatively — in terms of what I want to do as an artist. So even from this score to my new album that I'm releasing later on in the year and all of the stuff that I want to do from here on, it has inspired my journey for what I want to do."

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He continued, "I feel like the fans of the music feel it. So hopefully they're going to enjoy everything I do."

The soundtrack features 22 tracks — including some that fans witnessed and loved on TV like "The Angels" and "Skeletons," along with new tracks that are sure to blow them away. For some songs, the title reflects a notable line on the show — like Maddy's (played by Alexa Demie) "She Certainly Looks the Part" and Cal's (played by Eric Dane) "See You A--holes Later."

On social media earlier this month, Labrinth teased he had Angus Cloud (who plays Fezco) doing vocals — and he was referring to "Fez's Interlude." In the song, fans will hear Fez's iconic line that went viral saying, "You're confused? I'm f---ing confused bro" — and it's followed by intense, electric beats and Labrinth's vocals.

"I love the idea of using the cast as the music for the show," he says. "I remember it was literally on the same day I saw somebody on TikTok putting up [that line]."

"My online team played me that and it was like, 'Oh, people really love this little snippet from Euphoria and everyone's putting them up on TikTok.' So I was like, 'F--- it, let's make it part of the score. It would be fun."

The "Jealous" singer also addressed the comments and memes that arose during the season finale scene where Dominic Fike (who plays Elliot) played "Elliot's Song" to Zendaya (who plays Rue and serves as an executive producer on the show.) After the performance, fans complained it was too long — but Labrinth thought it was "so funny."

"I think it's nice, and do you know what? I think either you get this with a song, you get three things: People don't give a s--- and they don't say anything, you get them saying 'I hate it' or you get them saying 'I love it.'"

He continued, "So out of those three things, you only want the two, you either want them saying, 'What the hell was that?' Or you want them saying, 'I love it.' And if you get no response, then it means that it didn't even bother them. So I'd rather them say 'I hate this song,' and be bothered about it and that shows how they really care about the music as well."

And don't worry, a shorter version of the song made it on the score, "Some people really loved it and cried to it."

Labrinth began working on the score months before the cast was filming. He would "study all day, every day" by listening to "old school groups" to get "inspired." But at the end of the day, he credits his production to his "impulsive" personality. "When I feel an energy for a script or a scene, or a cue inspires me, I just go for it and I start right into it quite intuitively," he says.

Given the show's success after season 1, however, Labrinth was also inspired by "the gnarlyness and rawness of the show."

Also included in the score is both "I'm Tired," which Labrinth performed during the church scene on episode four — and Rue's version with Zendaya's vocals. For the musician, working with Zendaya and the show's director Sam Levinson on the tracks was a "beautiful moment."

"She was like 'Lab, I got an idea. I want to bring hope to the song.' Because when we listened back it was a bit dark for me." In the end, the song's meaning switched entirely: "To me, it was the ending of the old you and the beginning of the new you."

After months of posting his studio sessions on social media and hyping up the release — Labrinth hopes they ultimately "feel my vibe" through the score. And additionally, that fans get excited for his personal projects — including his upcoming studio album.

"They should keep their ears peeled," he says.

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