Today PEOPLE has the premiere of a new music video from one of KT Tunstall's contributions to the Pete the Cat soundtrack — the lighthearted "Let It Slide"

By Jordan Runtagh
December 05, 2018 12:00 PM

The coolest cat in town is back — and he’s got some pretty good tunes.

The animated series Pete the Cat — based on the hit children’s book franchisedebuted on Amazon Prime in September. In addition to vocal work from rock legend Elvis Costello (as Pete’s Dad), jazz chanteuse Diana Krall (as Pete’s Mom) and Jacob Tremblay (in the title role), it also featured a stellar soundtrack album with songs from the stars — as well as Dave Matthews, Jason Mraz, and KT Tunstall.

Today PEOPLE has the premiere of a new music video from one of Tunstall’s contributions, the lighthearted track “Let It Slide.”

Pete the Cat has been one of the most enjoyable projects I’ve ever been involved with,” the 43-year-old Scottish singer-songwriter told PEOPLE in a statement. “We properly formed a band, wrote some banging songs, and recorded them like a feline version of the Ramones in the legendary Village Studios in LA; live, loud and rocking to the max.”

KT Tunstall.
Santiago Felipe/Getty

According to Tunstall, the caliber of artists involved with the series is a testament the well-crafted plots that elegantly incorporate coming-of-age messages.

“Something I love about the Pete the Cat ethos is that just because it’s a kids show, doesn’t mean the songwriting, recording or creative process as a whole should be dumbed down in any way. I really appreciate that the storylines reflect society in an inclusive way, and touch on subjects that kids and adults alike can relate to.”

The “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” singer says her work on the show may have sparked something of an image shift. “The songs were sounding so cool, I did wonder if I might actually become more well known as a cat singer than I ever have been as a human one!”