Kris Jenner Quotes Even More Iconic 'Mean Girls' Lines in Newly Released 'Thank U, Next' Bloopers

The nostalgic fun of Ariana Grande's "Thank U, Next" music video continues

The nostalgic fun of Ariana Grande‘s “Thank U, Next” music video continues.

A newly released deleted scene and bloopers from the video, which pays homage to beloved early 2000s romantic comedies, reveal some of the shenanigans that didn’t make the final cut — including Kris Jenner giving Amy Poehler a run for her money as the mom in Mean Girls. Jennifer Coolidge also recreates an iconic scene from Legally Blonde with the pop star, 25, by her side instead of Reese Witherspoon.

Near the end of the bloopers video, Jenner, 63, can be seen holding her camcorder high as she nudges the actor playing her husband.

Kris Jenner. Ariana Grande/Youtube

Later on, she smiles as she tells the woman sitting next to her, “When I was raising Ariana, I always told her that if a guy ever f—s with her, she should just say ‘Thank you, next,’ and if she ever had sex without a condom, she would get chlamydia and die.”

Ariana Grande/Youtube

Of course, the claim about the sexually transmitted infection was originally said by the gym teacher, Coach Carr, in Mean Girls.

Kris Jenner. Ariana Grande/Youtube

Then, Jenner laughs as she says, “Oh, they keep me young” — an actual Poehler line. She also perfectly imitates the Saturday Night Live alum’s sexy mom dance moves.

Ariana Grande Thank U Next
Thank U, Next video.

Grande first teased the deleted scene with Coolidge, 57, in the first round of “Thank U, Next” behind-the-scenes footage she shared. Her recreation is perfect, down to her knit beanie, pigtails, glasses and the set’s old-fashioned trailer. In the complete version, she and the actress tell the latter’s ex-boyfriend, “thank you, next,” and speed away in a Porsche after successfully confusing him with legal terms — just like in the original film!

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 7.38.00 PM
Thank U, Next video.

Other funny moments from the bloopers include Troye Sivan worrying that Grande would push him too hard into a set of lockers, a heavily pregnant Colleen Ballinger pretending her water was breaking, and one of the original cast members of Mean Girls saying, “neigh,” after her scene partner insists that the pop star’s ponytail is “an actual pony’s tail.”

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The wild success of “Thank U, Next,” was inspired by Grande’s challenging year with relationships. In fact, it seems she endured enough drama in 2018 to last her a lifetime.

On New Year’s Day, she joked with a fan about her dating life on Twitter — first by responding to a tweet that included a picture of an article titled, “Who is Ariana Dating NOW?!” with, “Can they tell me too?”

Then, when the fan joked in response, “Spoiler. It’s me!” Grande answered, “Spoiler for the rest of this year / probably my life: it’s no one. please refer back to this tweet for future questions.”

In May 2018, PEOPLE confirmed Grande had ended her relationship with rapper Mac Miller after two years together. Shortly after the pair split, Grande and Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson, 25, began dating. They were engaged less than two months later.

A few months later, Miller was found dead at age 26 in September after an accidental overdose. As Grande mourned the death of her ex, her whirlwind romance with Davidson also ended, with the pair calling off their engagement in October.

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